Quick Start Guide - Free Account

Getting Started

What can you do with a free account?

Check out this FAQ for the answer.

Create Account

Before you can do anything you'll need to create a Pruvan Account.

Edit Profile

The profile page lets you set your account level options, contact information, and password.  

Information on the Profile page can be found here.

You'll want to set the make the following changes on a free account:

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Account
  3. Select Edit Profile
  4. Click on Set Profile Options
  5. Set the following options:
    • Auto Relay - Off
    • Mark Complete Mode - Status
    • Mark Complete Label - Complete
    • All other options can be set based on your needs
  6. Click Save

Creating Projects

Pruvan Mobile

Projects can be created directly in Pruvan Mobile.  These projects will then sync up with Pruvan Online and be manageable in the Project Manager.  This will allow you to quickly create a project for any property that you arrive at to take photos.

How to Create an Ad Hoc Project

Project Manager

You can create, edit, and assign projects from the project manager in Pruvan Online.  As long as a project is assigned to a user and the status is not closed nor invoiced, then it will be available in Pruvan Mobile to that user.  You can also use the project manager to import projects from a spreadsheet.  Check out our various How To articles in the Projects section of Pruvan Online.

Project Manager Articles


We have integrations with several work providers.  You can use any of these integrations to import your work orders from them in to Pruvan.  Check out our Integrations category to see what providers are listed and to get specific information on their integration.

Pruvan Integrations

Collecting Field Data

Check In

We fully support Check In on free accounts with Aspen Grove Solutions iRecord system, as well as MCS's system.  Many of our integrations support either or both of these systems, such as AFAS, PPW, and Servicelink.

Check In FAQ

How to complete a Check In in Pruvan Mobile

Take Photos

Taking photos with Pruvan couldn't be easier.  Open your project and select the task you want to take photos on.  To see how to use the Pruvan camera, check out the following article.

How to use the Pruvan Camera

Check Upload Status and View your Photos

Check the status of your photo uploads on Android by opening the Pruvan photo gallery from either your project or the project list.  On iOS you can tap the blue 'i' icon next to your Pending Upload status from the log in screen.  When photos are uploaded successfully you know that they are safely backed up on our servers.  The following article goes over how to read the Upload log and how to view your photos that are there.

Pruvan Mobile Upload Log

Check In Status

Verify that your Check Ins have been successfully published to your Check In provider by viewing their status in your Pruvan Online account.  You can do this by running a Check In report in Pruvan Online.  See the article below for more information.

Check In Reports

Retrieving Photos

You can retrieve photos taken with Pruvan just like you can with you regular camera app.

How to Retrieve Photos from Pruvan Mobile


Surveys are mobile forms that allow you to collect data from the field and / or specify exact photo requirements; ie Take 1-2 photos of the address marker.  These articles below will go over how to create surveys in Pruvan Online and also how to complete them in Pruvan Mobile.

How to Use the Pruvan Survey Builder

Best Practices for Building Surveys

How to Use Photo Mode Surveys

How to Complete a Survey in Pruvan Mobile

Learn More

Familiarization with Pruvan

Check out these sections of the Pruvan Support Center to learn more about using these services.

Pruvan Online

Pruvan Mobile

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