How to Mass Assign/Update your Pruvan Projects

Update Pruvan Projects in bulk with the Project Manager. This allows you to change the Due Date, Status, Assigned To, Coordinator, and / or Work Type on multiple Projects at once.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Projects
  3. Find the projects you want to update
    • Use the Search Box to search for specific Projects
    • Click the column headers to sort your work orders
  4. Select those projects
    • For Projects that are grouped together select the top Project, hold down the Shift key in your keyboard, and click the last Project to select the whole group
    • For Projects that are separated hold the Ctrl key and then click on each Project you want to Update
  5. Click the Actions button
  6. Select Update from the dropdown
  7. Choose one or many desired fields to update - Due Date, Status, Assigned To, Coordinator, or Work Type 
    • These can be changed individually
    • To assign an order, simply change the Status to Assigned and Assign To to the desired user
    • Change the Status to "Closed" to remove the projects from the mobile app 
  8. Click blue Update button before leaving 


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