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Follow these steps to get your AFS integration setup.  This article assumes you already have a Pruvan Online account.  Need an account, click here?  

1. Create a new Client Integration in Pruvan

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online as an Admin user
  2. Click 'Clients / Integrations'
  3. Select 'Configure'
  4. Click 'New'
  5. Enter a Client Name = Assurant Field Services
  6. Enter a Client Code for your integration 
    • Client Codes are whatever you determine, but have a maximum of 5 characters
    • Examples:
      • AFSTX for Assurant Field Services - Texas
      • AFSNM for Assurant Field Services - New Mexico
    • Do NOT paste a token, key, or access code here
  7. Select the type of integration you are setting up from the dropdown
  8. Click 'Next'

Should look like this when you are done before you hit "Next" #8 above:



2. Now, configure your AFS Integration in Pruvan

  1. Enter your FAStrack username
  2. Enter your FAStrack password
  3. Choose your Default Assignment
  4. Set your QA style
  5. Click the Validate button
    • This will result in the button turning green and reading Success if the username and password are valid
    • If you receive an error please verify that your credentials are valid by logging into FAStrack with the same credentials
  6. Click Save (if you get Success in Step 5)


When you hit "Validate" in Step 5, you should see "Success".  If you see "Error" review error message and react accordingly.  For example:  If Invalid Username/Password means Assurant FAStrack system did not accept the username and password you entered in step 1 and 2 above.

3. Complete your initial Work Order Import

Congratulations you are ready to go!  

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