Xome Field Services: Using myFAStrack features in Pruvan Online

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This article will go over how to use the myFAStrack portal for XFS.  It is broken down in to the following sections:

  • How to open myFAStrack
  • An overview
  • The standard work flow for completing an order
  • Additional actions

Open myFAStrack

Follow these steps to open myFAStrack in Pruvan Online.  You can get there from one of two places:

From the Projects page

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Projects
  3. Locate the project you would like to open
  4. Click on the number in the Pictures column
  5. Click the Launch myFAStrack button 

From the Photos page

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Locate the project you would like to open
  4. Click on the Project ID 
  5. Click on the Launch myFAStrack button 


At the top of the window you can see your work order details such as:

  • The work order number
  • The Address
  • The Status of the work order in FAStrack

The map to the right gives you the physical location of the address if the address can be correctly geo-coded.  To get the latest work order information click the refresh button. 

Standard workflow

This section will go over the standard work flow in myFAStrack.  Please note that not all steps are required or available for every work order.  Photos and surveys can be taken in the field with Pruvan Mobile at any time before completing the services.

Accept / Deny the Work Order

You can choose whether or not to accept the work order from XFS.  You may start taking photos before actually accepting the work order if you plan on accepting it.

Accept the Work Order

  1. Enter a Promised Completion date
  2. Click the Submit button 

Deny the Work Order

  1. Click the Deny button
  2. Select a reason from the drop down
  3. Enter an explanation
  4. Click Submit 

Add Discretionary Items

Discretionary items can be added to the work order if needed.  This button will be hidden if no discretionary items can be added.

  1. Click the Discretionary Items button
  2. Select the Service that the item falls under
  3. Select the Items
    • Use the Control key to select multiple items
  4. Click Add
  5. Set your quantities
  6. Click Submit 

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Uploading Photos 

Photos saved to your computer can be uploaded to your Xome work orders for order completion.

Click Here for instructions on how to upload the photos into your Xome Orders in Pruvan.

Complete Surveys

These surveys can be filled out in myFAStrack or in Pruvan Mobile.

To fill out the survey here:

  1. Click the survey button
  2. Follow these steps to complete a the survey 

You can also complete the surveys in Pruvan Projects page online using the following instructions:

Click Here for instructions on how to complete your Xome surveys on the Pruvan Projects page.

Complete Services

Once all of the photos and surveys have been taken in the field, the project has been marked complete, and the photos have been published to XFS then you can mark the services complete

  1. Click Edit Services
  2. Mark each service as complete or not needed
  3. Add comments to each service
  4. Fill out any additional information needed such as dates or quantities
  5. Click Submit 

Add Work Order Comments

You can add or update comments to the work order anytime before you submit to QC.

  1. Add or Edit your comment
  2. Click Submit 

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Add an Invoice

You can generate an invoice in myFAStrack or you can attach your own

Generate an Invoice

  1. Click the Generate Invoice button
  2. Review the Invoice
  3. Click Approve 

Attach an Invoice

Your invoice must be one of the following file types:

  • doc / docx
  • xls / xlsx
  • pdf

To attach your own invoice:

  1. Enter an Invoice number
    • No spaces are allowed in the invoice number
  2. Click Attach Invoice 
  3. Select your invoice
  4. Click Submit Invoice


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Submit to QC

Once you are ready to submit your work order to QC at XFS click the Submit to QC button.  It will say 'processing' once the submission has started.  You can now close out of myFAStrack.  This button will be hidden until you have completed your services.

The submission will relay to XFS once all of the photos and surveys for this project have been relayed, so you do not need to wait for a response.

In order for submission to succeed you need the following:

  • Every photo task on the project must have at least one photo taken on it and successfully relayed to XFS
  • Every survey must be complete and successfully relayed to XFS
  • An invoice must be attached to the work order

If there is an error with your submission then you will get an alert that the submission has failed. Best practice is to assume everything went through and check your alerts later.  It can take 15 minutes, or more, for an error to alert you.  If you receive an error:  check to see what was missed, make the necessary adjustments, and press Submit to QC again.

Additional Actions

These are the other things you can do from myFAStrack that are outside of the order completion process.

Launch FAStrack

Clicking this will launch FAStrack in a new window and open directly to the work order you're viewing in myFAStrack.  You need to be currently logged in to FAStrack from the same browser for this to work.  If you receive a log in screen then log in, close the window, and click Launch FAStrack again; it should now open to the work order.

Request support from Pruvan

You can open a ticket with Pruvan by doing the following, please click the Submit a Request link on the Pruvan Support Center (at the top right of this website) or click here.

View Invoices

This will allow you to view all of your invoices over a given date range, max of 90 days at a time. There is also an option to export the invoices, for the selected date range, to an Excel file.


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