Assurant: Pruvan Integration to FAStrack Order System

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This article is about folks who 1) have a Pruvan account, and 2) want to link their Pruvan account to the FAStrack Order System.


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The Pruvan Direct integration to FAStrack

The AFS Integration is the link between your AFS account and your Pruvan account.  With this integration we have utilized AFS's API to link our systems.  With this integration you can import your orders from AFS, your photos and surveys will relay back, and you will be able to complete the order lifecycle within Pruvan using myFAStrack.

AFS's integration supports importing work orders, surveys, auto-flagging, photo relay, their embedded portal myFAStrack, and auto-closing projects.

Video Links specific to AFS

Importing Projects

Works orders are imported to Pruvan by clicking the Refresh button in the Integrations page of Pruvan Online.  See these articles to get set up and import your orders:


All of AFS's forms are maintained in Pruvan by AFS as surveys.  Work Orders that require a form will have the appropriate survey automatically attached to the project in Pruvan.  This survey can be filled out in Pruvan Mobile or Pruvan Online.


Photos will be flagged in AFS based on the Task and Evidence Type they were taken on in Pruvan.

Photo QA and Relay

How photos relay back to AFS can be set in the Pruvan integration setup window.  There are 2 options to choose from:

QA in Field

Photos will not upload from Pruvan Mobile to Pruvan Online until the project is marked complete from Mobile.  This will allow you to go through the photos in Mobile and delete / retake as necessary.  Once the project is complete the photos will upload to Pruvan Online and automatically relay to AFS.

  • Set QA in Field to Yes (default)

QA in Office

Photos will upload automatically from Pruvan Mobile to Pruvan Online as they are taken.  They will be held in a Pending QA status on Pruvan Online until they are QAed and published to AFS.

  • Set QA in Field to No

Making the Change

These can be set in your integration setup:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Select your AFS Integration
  4. Click Edit
  5. Change the QA in Field setting as desired
  6. Click Save
    • This will only update new orders going forward
    • To update existing orders:
      1. Delete all AFS orders from your Projects page
      2. Complete a Full Refresh

Closing Projects

Projects will be automatically set to a status of 'closed' when the order is no longer sent to Pruvan in your integration.  This will be true if the order is complete and closed in FAStrack, if the order is QC Declined, or if the order has been cancelled.  If you would like to close an order before it is closed automatically you may set the status to closed in the Projects page once you are finished with it.

Check In

Pruvan directly supports AFS's Check In requirement.  Any orders you import that meet AFS's check in criteria will activate the Check In feature in Pruvan Mobile and add the AGS Checklist to the project as well.  Your crew must check in with a valid ABC number, fill out and submit the AGS checklist, and press the green Complete button (when the project is finished) in order for the Check In to succeed.  For more information about Check In see this article:

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myFAStrack is a FAStrack portal embedded in Pruvan Online that lets you complete work orders without having to leave Pruvan.  From myFAStrack you can do the following:

  1. Accept or Deny the work order
  2. Complete certain surveys
  3. Add Discretionary Items
  4. Complete work order Services
  5. Generate or attach an Invoice
  6. Add work order Comments
  7. View the Instructions
  8. Submit to QC
  9. View your Invoices
  10. Request support from AFS
  11. Pull up the work order in FAStrack

 Learn how to use myFAStrack in this article


See our AFS Integration FAQ

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