What if I break my phone?



Any photos you have taken that have been relayed to Pruvan will be in the Photos Section of your account at If you are questioning whether the photos you have recently taken on a broken phone were uploaded, this is where you will check.



If they are not there, the other possibility would be to check and see if the Photos are still accessible on the broken phone.

For Android users, plug the phone into a computer and see if you are able to access the phones internal storage to retrieve the Photos. The photos would be in the PRV Folder.



For iPhone users, there is not a way to do this unless your phone is Synced with iTunes. If it is, plug the phone into the computer and check your photos section there to see if the photos are available. To see how to Sync your iPhone with iTunes and access photos, click HERE.


If the photos were NOT uploaded from the phone before the phone broke and accessing the Photos manually does not work, then we will have no way of recovering photos that were not uploaded from the phone.

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