Getting Started with Invoicing using Freshbooks

Cloud Accounting

PLEASE NOTE: This requires a Freshbooks Classic account. If you are new to Freshbooks, you will need to reach out to the Freshbooks Support team to have them make your Freshbooks account Freshbooks Classic.


Freshbooks is a cloud accounting platform that specializes in invoicing clients.  Learn more about Freshbooks at their site.  To get started you'll need to setup your account and create some clients.  Then you'll be able to generate your invoices directly from Pruvan Online.

Setup your Freshbooks Integration

Before you can start invoicing in Pruvan you'll need to do a few things to get set up.  See the following article on creating a Freshbooks account and integrating it to Pruvan Online:

Create your Clients in Freshbooks

For invoicing through Freshbooks to work properly you'll need to add your clients that you want to invoice to the client list in Freshbooks.

How to Create a New Client

  1. Log in to Freshbooks
  2. Click the New button
  3. Select Client
  4. Fill out the New Client Form
  5. Click Save


Generate an Invoice

To generate an invoice you'll simply click on the Generate link for that project in the Project Manager.  This will open a pop up window to your Freshbooks account that where you can fill out the invoice and submit it to your client.  The PO # field will be auto-filled out with the project number and the invoice lines will be filled out based on your project's tasks.  Don't need all those tasks listed?  No problem, simply click the 'X' at the end of the invoice line to remove it.

View an Invoice

Once an invoice is generated the project's status will automatically be changed to 'invoiced'.  Invoiced projects are hidden by default in the Project Manager.  Click the checkmark next to Show Invoiced to see your invoiced projects.  In the Invoice column you will see your invoice number where the Generate link used to be.  Click the invoice number to pull up a Freshbook's pop up that shows your invoice and it's status.

Invoicing with Integrations

Pruvan Share

To use Freshbooks over Pruvan Share your vendor must also have a Freshbooks integration.  This will allow your invoice line items to automatically populate your vendor's invoices.  Your vendor must also be set up as a Sub-Contractor in your users page.  During sub-user setup you can pick from the following options:

  1. Automatic line items based on the work order
    • This will set the line items on your vendor's invoice based on the tasks of your work order
    • This will not set a price
  2. Automatic line items based on my invoice
    • This will set the line items on your vendor's invoice based on the line items of your invoice
    • This will set the same price as listed on your invoice
  3. Automatic line items based on my invoice, unit cost at reduced margin
    • This will set the line items on your vendor's invoice based on the line items of your invoice
    • This will set the price as listed on your invoice less the percentage you choose
    • ie your invoice has one line item at $30 and you set the margin at 30%, then the line item on your vendor's invoice will list $20

How to Create a Sub-Contractor

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Account
  3. Select Users
  4. Click New (or Edit if the user already exists as another role)
  5. Fill out or update the user fields
  6. Set the Role to Sub-Contractor
  7. For Invoice Generation select one of the above options
  8. Set the Invoice Margin if you chose option C
  9. Click Save

Xome Field Services

The Xome Field Services integration is not tied in to the Freshbooks integration.  When you press Generate on the Projects page it will open the same invoice window as click Generate Invoice from myFAStrack.  Afterwards the Invoice column on the Projects page will show the Xome Field Services invoice number and clicking it will show you the same invoice window as clicking View Invoice from myFAStrack.


Still have questions about how to do something in Freshbooks?  Check out their Support Center!

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