Why do I have a File in my Zip Download that says there's Too Many Photos?

Zip file downloads are limited to 5000 photos.  If your project exceeds 5000 photos we will only zip up the most recent 5000 photos, and provide a text file that explains how many photos are missing with a link to this article.  This will not impact using the Pruvan Downloader to retrieve your photos at all, only zip downloads from Pruvan Online.  If you need the older photos and do not already have copies from the Pruvan Downloader, then you should move the photos you need to a new project and then download them.  This should not be an issue for most people as long as you do not keep re-using the same Project Number over and over again; we highly recommend that you create new projects for recurring work to avoid this problem and to have a better experience over all.  If you have any questions or are not able to retrieve your photos at all, please open a support ticket.

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