How to Sideload Pruvan Mobile Enterprise Beta for iOS

Pruvan Support may need you to sideload (install outside of the App Store) Pruvan Mobile to help solve your problem.  Follow these steps on the device that you are having problems with:

  1. Open Safari (or another web browser)
  2. Go to
  3. Tap the link in the green box to download the Pruvan Mobile Beta app for iOS
  4. Press the home button
  5. Wait for the Pruvan Mobile Enterprise Beta app to finish installing
    • You will see the progress bar / circle as it's installing
  6. Tap on the Pruvan Mobile icon with 'Beta' written on it
    • iOS 8: When prompted with 'Untrusted App Developer':
      1. Tap 'Trust'
    • iOS 9:  When prompted with 'Untrusted Enterprise Developer':
      1. Tap 'Cancel'
      2. Go back to Safari
      3. Under the green box, tap the 'Provisioning Profile' link
      4. Tap Pruvan Inc.
      5. Tap Trust Pruvan Inc.
      6. Tap Trust
  7. You may now open and use the Pruvan Mobile Enterprise Beta app for iOS




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