Service Autopilot FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and SAP, to exchange information.

What are the features of the SAP integration?

The integration can import work orders, auto-assign work orders, add additional tasks, and publish reports to your clients.

What information from my SAP work order is visible in the Pruvan project?

Below is a list of how data is mapped from SAP to Pruvan:

Work OrderProject
WorkOrderProjectNum Project ID*
ServiceAddressLine1 Address
SerivceCity City
ServiceZIP ZIP
ScheduleDate Due Date
AssignedTo Assigned To
RouteNotes Instructions
Map Reference
Service Task Name

* If the WorkOrderProjectNum is blank, then the Address and ZIP are used to created a Project ID
** The State is determined by ZIP code lookup, if it is not found this field will display "Zip" in Pruvan

Does Pruvan honor my work order assignment in SAP?

Yes, so long as the CrewCode that is listed in the assignedTo field matches the Pruvan username for your vendor.

Will my surveys go to SAP?

No, you will see the survey results in Pruvan Online and in your Downloader for you to use.  No form data is sent to SAP.

Can I change the task's that are on the SAP projects?

No, once a work order is imported in to Pruvan the tasks can not be changed.

Can I add extra tasks or surveys to my SAP projects?

Yes! Check out this article on adding additional tasks.

Can I send my photos to my client automatically?

No, you can use the Pruvan Downloader to have them sorted on your computer and ready to go though!

How do I send a Pruvan Report to my client?

As long as you have an email address in your work order's BillingEmail field, or have designated a field for an alternate email address, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the Getting Started with SAP article.

Can I submit my SAP work orders from Pruvan?

No, you must complete the work order in Service Autopilot.

Can I Check In in Pruvan on my SAP Orders?

Not at this time.

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