Getting Started with the Service Autopilot Integration

The SAP Integration is fully documented in this PDF

The SAP Integration is the link between your SAP account and your Pruvan account.  We use SAP's Dashboard Export function to pull data in to our system.  That means that we can only use information available in their exported spreadsheet.

SAP's integration supports importing work orders, auto-assignment, adding additional tasks, and publishing reports to your clients.

Imported Orders

The orders that are imported are all orders that have a Schedule Date of today.  It is imperative that you refresh your work orders at least once a day to ensure that you do not miss any orders.  You can check what we are importing by logging in to your SAP account, opening the Dashboard, clicking on Export, setting both Date fields to today’s date, and downloading the spreadsheet.  This file is what Pruvan uses to import your orders from SAP.

See this article for how to get set up:


If you want assignment to happen automatically in Pruvan then the Crew Code, defined in SAP and assigned to the SAP order, must match the Pruvan sub-user name.

Additional Tasks

Both Photo and Survey tasks can be added to Service Autopilot orders.  These tasks will show up on every project that imports, in addition to the tasks that normally import.

Publishing to your Client

Completion Report

The SAP driver allows a project completion report to be printed to your customer upon publishing.  In order to generate and publish a report to your end customer, the BillingEmail address must be filled out for the order in Service Autopilot.  If you do not want to use the BillingEmail address then fill out the Alternate Email Field when you are configuring the driver.  This should be a field that you are using that contains an alternate email address other than the billing email address.  This field needs to be in the Excel export from the Dispatch Board in SAP, for example CustomValue6.

How to Generate the Report

Follow these steps to create a report to and send it to your client:

  1. Log in to your Pruvan Account
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Set the Date Range to cover the days the work order was completed
  4. Locate the work order
  5. Click on the Project ID
  6. Click the Generate Report button
  7. Review the Report
  8. Select the report from the Photo Details page
  9. Click Publish Selected To
  10. Select Client

Now your report should be sent to the email address listed in the BillingEmail (or listed alternate email) field for that work order.

 Sample Report


See our SAP FAQ

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