What will my device costs be compared to what I spend today on point and shoot cameras?

Most Field Staff members purchase at least 1 $200+ point and shoot camera a year if they take photos every day.  Devices that are compatible with Pruvan Mobile may already be in your Field Staff’s hands reducing this cost to $0.  If you need to purchase a mobile device, you can typically buy a new device with a cellular data plan for less than $200 + monthly fees.  You can also purchase an off-contract mobile device for under $200 with no monthly contract required.

However: Pruvan Mobile does NOT need a cellular data plan in order to work.  The mobile device can also connect to a WiFi network to receive work instructions and transfer photos.  If there is no or limited WiFi at a job site, photos and surveys will queue on the device and will be sent once a WiFi connection is reestablished. While not required, as a best practice, Pruvan recommends a cellular data plan to allow photos to transfer while the Field Crew is still at the job-site.

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