How to Complete a Survey (Old)

This article will go over how to fill out and submit a survey from Pruvan Mobile versions 3.16.7 and below.


Each survey question has a general layout with the Question (a) at top, Help Text (b) below the question, and the Answer choices (c) at the bottom.  There are also the navigation buttons that are covered below.



When you answer a question you will advance to the next question in the survey.  You can also tap the arrows to move back and forth, or slide the slider at the bottom to quickly move through a survey.  It is not necessary to answer everything in order as long as you answer all of the required questions.  There is also a Review button that will take you to the end of the survey where you can look over all of the available questions and jump to any one of them.

  1. Arrows
  2. Slider
  3. Review Button
  4. Tap a question to jump there from the Review page



Some questions will trigger other questions to become available depending on your answers.  You can always see all of the available questions in the review section.  For instance, if you answer the question Are there shrubs present? with Yes, then you would enable other questions about the shrubs, while if you answered no it would skip those questions.  If the survey is properly set up you shouldn't have to answer unnecessary questions.  

Unanswered questions will be red.  Once you answer a question it should turn to black. 


Photo Requirements

Photo requirements define how many photos you have to take based on the question or statement provided.  Photo requirements will have a minimum and maximum number of photos that you can take.  These are visible in the survey form as well as in the camera task list.



Before you can submit a survey in Pruvan Mobile you need to make sure that all the questions are answered and that all of the photo requirements have been met.  The easiest way to do this is to look for Red text as you're going through your survey.  If it's still red, it's not ready.



Once you have reviewed your survey and determined that it is good to go, tap the Submit Survey button at the top of the Review page.  You should be returned to the Project Details screen and receive a message that the survey was submitted successfully.  Otherwise you will receive a message to complete all requirements and be dropped back to a question (or photo requirement) that has not been answered yet.


Exiting a Survey Early

Should you need to stop filling out the survey you can press the exit / back button.  This will present you with a few choices asking if you want to Save and Exit the survey.

  • Yes - Save and exit
  • No - Return to the survey
  • Discard - Exit without saving


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