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Check In Report

 The Check In Report lets you see the status of all the Check Ins on your account over a given period of time.

Running the Report

  1. Open the Report Launcher
  2. Select Check Ins
  3. Set the date range you would like to see Check Ins from
    • Max 31 days at a time
  4. Set a filter, if needed
  5. Click Run Report

Your Check Ins will be displayed below (a) and you can export the data to Excel or PDF if you'd like (b)

Verify your Check Ins were Submitted Successfully

Look at the Last Upload Status column, this will tell you the result of your Check In:

  1. Complete - This Check In has been successfully submitted to the Check In provider
  2. Failed:  No Survey Data found - This Check In was not sent because a required survey, AGS Checklist, was not completed
    • Complete the Checklist and submit it, then press the green Complete button again to retry your Check In submission
  3. Failed:  Number is not correct format / Invalid number - The number you entered to Check In with was not accepted by your Check In provider
    • Check In again with the appropriate Check In number(s)
  4. Blank - This Check In has not been completed yet
    • Make sure that the Check In was submitted and that the green complete button was pushed afterwards
  5. Complete with an Error History - This Check In previously failed and was later fixed and submitted successfully
  6. Retry or Pending Alert - These are in the process of failing and the system is currently retrying them


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