How to Use the Camera

This article will go over the layout of the Camera screen and how to take photos with Pruvan Mobile.


Top Bar

  1. GPS Indicator
  2. Note button
  3. Task Instructions button
  4. Settings Button


Preview Window

  1. Camera Preview
  2. Project ID
  3. Current Task
  4. Number of photos taken on the current task
  5. Current Evidence Type
  6. Number of photos taken on the current evidence type


Bottom Bar

  1. Shutter / Record / Stop button
  2. Zoom slider
  3. Previous picture thumbnail
  4. Video mode toggle


Taking a Photo

To start taking photos, follow these steps to ensure smooth processing:

  1. Check your GPS status
  2. Choose your Task
  3. Choose your Evidence Type
  4. Align your shot
  5. Press the Shutter button
  6. Check your photo

Recording Video

Pruvan Mobile allows you to record video that is up to 15 seconds long and includes audio.  To take a video, follow the same steps for taking a photo, but with these steps in place of step 5:

  1. Tap the Video mode toggle to switch from photo to video mode
  2. Tap the Record button to start capturing video
    • Tap the Stop button to end video capture
    • The progress bar shows how long you've been capturing video
    • Once the progress bar runs out the video will automatically stop capturing
    • The zoom slider still works while recording


Tasks and Evidence Types

Which ever Task and Evidence Type are selected is what the photos you take will be flagged as.  To switch to a different Task or Evidence Type simply tap on the box you would like to change.  If there are 1-3 choices the box will cycle through your options, if there are more then 3 then a window will pop up that you can scroll through and select the correct choice.

Next to each Task and Evidence Type is a number, this is the number of photos that have been taken on each on this device.  If you are taking photos on a Survey task then you will see 2 numbers, the current number and the minimum / maximum number for that question.  **Note: you will not see the number of photos taken by another device or any photos taken with this device that have since been deleted from the app.


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