How to Retrieve Photos from your Device

To retrieve photos taken with Pruvan Mobile follow the steps below.  This is especially useful for those that do not have a current subscription and thus can not retrieve the photos from Pruvan Online.


You can access your photos through another app on your device or using a PC.

Access your Pruvan photos from another app

In the other app navigate to the PRV folder on your device.  This is located in the SD Card or External Memory of your device; normally this is the same area your Downloads folder is in.

Example using the Google Drive App


Access your photos from a PC

  1. Plug in your device to a PC using a USB cable
  2. Open your device on the PC following your device manufacture's instructions
  3. Open the PRV folder
  4. Copy the photos you would like to save and paste them in an appropriate folder on your PC



There are two ways to pull photos off of your iOS device

Copy Pruvan photos to your Camera Roll

  1. Open Pruvan Mobile
  2. Navigate to the Log In screen
  3. Tap the blue 'i' icon above Upload Photos
  4. Tap Export
    • If you have never exported your photos before iOS will ask if you would like to give Pruvan access to your Photos.  Choose Yes.
    • If you have revoked Pruvan's access to your photos you will see an Access Denied message.  Tap Go to Settings and turn on Photos, then try again.
  5. Tap Yes, Export
  6. Tap Ok when you see the Export Complete dialogue


Get Pruvan photos using iTunes

To retrieve your photos using iTunes, follow the steps in this article.

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