How to Pull a Project List from Pruvan

You can retrieve 3 different lists of projects from Pruvan.  A list of all the projects in the Project table; a list of the projects in the projects table from a specified date; or a list of all projects that have been touched in the last 90 days, from the Projects or Photos tables.



Query Parameters


This should always be set to 'csv' to have a file returned in the response, otherwise you will get HTML back.  Default is 'html'.



This allows you to select which list of projects you want to retrieve.  Set to '1' to get the past 90 days list.  Default is '0'; project table only.



This is the timezone offset.  This is only used when extra=1, and only effects the time reported in the First Photo and Last Photo columns.  This is set in minutes; ie CST = 6 hrs from UTC = 360 minutes.  The default is Central Time, Standard (360) or Daylight (300) depending.


Last Update

This allows you to specify a last updated date for projects from the project table.  This will only pull data that has been updated on or after the specified date.  Format is yyyy-mm-dd, ie 2015-12-31.  The default is all orders.  This will not work with extra=1, in the event extra is set then this field will be ignored.


Full Example

cURL Example

curl -b pruvan.cookie


You must have an authenticated session to use this service.

Role Restrictions

This service is not available to the Crew user role.

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