Updating Pruvan Mobile Required Version to 3.14

15 Dec 2015 - 2200 CST

v3.14 of the Mobile apps for Android and iOS is now the required version.  If you receive an upload error on iOS please make sure to upgrade your app.

4 Sept 2015 - 1000 CDT

We will be moving towards requiring that everyone use at least v3.14 of Pruvan Mobile.  For the next week we will have it set as a recommendation so that mobile users are notified and given the chance to upgrade on their own.  Later we will move to making v3.14 the minimum required.  This will have a different effect depending on your mobile platform.

What happens when you have below the recommended version?

You will simply see a notification in the app that a new version is available.  You will be able to cancel this notice or open the App / Play store to upgrade.  Everything in the app will work normally.

What happens when you have below the minimum version required on...


You will be logged out of the app and redirected to the Play Store to upgrade to the latest version.  Once you update from the Play Store you will be able to use the app from where you left off.


On iOS you will still be able to use the app however all of your Uploads will be frozen.  You will see errors stating that you need to upgrade to continue uploading.  Simply open the App Store, search for 'Pruvan', and install the latest version.  Once the app is updated, log in, tap on the upload icon (blue 'i'), and 'retry all'.  You will be able to pick up where you left off now.

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