How to Create Hot Links


There are 2 formats you can use to create your Hot Link; Path or Querystring.  Both are constructed using the Pruvan protocol and filled out with the following fields.


The Pruvan protocol must be used at the beginning of all of your Hot Links for Pruvan Mobile to launch correctly.  Additionally the protocol must be followed by '' in order for the app to create, update, or open your project.


These are the fields that you can supply to create your work order on Pruvan Mobile.  Some are required for the Path method, while all are optional with the Querystring method.  All fields should be URL-encoded when constructing your Hot Link.

Project #

This is the name of your project.  It can be a number or text string.  This will be used as the work order number for your project.


This is the address the work should be performed at.  It should be generally recognizable as an address.  That is with a street number, street name, city, state, and zip as a minimum.  The address will be sent 'as-is' to a geolocation service.  If Google Maps can find the address as you've entered it, then the format should be ok.

Work Type

This is the work type you want applied to the project.  If you do not include a work type, then your default work type will be used.  It should exactly match the name of your work type in Pruvan.

Task Name

A task name you wish to navigate to in the app. This will launch the app directly in to the camera for a photo task or photo mode survey, or directly in to the form for a survey task. If the task does not exist already, it will be created as a photo task and the camera will be launched with the new task selected.  Leaving out the task name will launch the app to the project details screen.

Extra Tasks

Extra Tasks allows you to insert additional tasks that may be specific to the work order or need to be added after the project is initially created.  You can use extra tasks to add in a bid item after the fact, a property condition report for something that was discovered after the crew arrived, or any other situation you may come across.  This field must be structured as an array of JSON objects.  Each object must contain at least a task name.

  • serviceName - The task name
  • survey - The survey template ID, if it is a survey task
  • instructions - Presented to the user on opening the task
  • options - Task level options as a JSON object






The path method allows you to create or update a project with simple path notation.  Using this method the <project #> and <address> fields are required.<project#>/<address>/<work type>/<task-name>?extraTasks=<json task object>
/110 E. Main St.
Round Rock, TX 78664
?extraTasks=[{"serviceName":"Survey","survey":"survey1-v2","instructions":"Fill out the survey<br/><a href=\"\">More info here</a>"}]


The querystring method does not have any direct requirements as all fields are directly identified in the Hot Link.<project#>&address=<address>&workType=<work type>&task=<task-name>&extraTasks=<json task object>
&address=110 E. Main St.
Round Rock, TX 78664
&extraTasks=[{"serviceName":"Survey","survey":"survey1-v2","instructions":"Fill out the survey<br/><a href=\"\">More info here</a>"}]


Please note that you will need to escape any double quotes or backslashes.  ie \" and \\


There are several ways to generate URIs that can be used to create Hot Links from your information.  The method that works best for you is going to depend on where you keep you work order data currently and the best way to access it.

Programming / Scripting Languages

Most common languages have support for URL-encoding that you can use to create Hot Links.  Choose your favorite and search to see if it supports URL-encoding if you're not sure.  If your work orders are in a database or file that you can access through a programming language then this will work the best for you.


Excel 2013 and later has a built-in function for URL-encoding; urlencode().  You can concatenate cells together and encode them in the process to come up with a full Hot Link.  For Excel 2010 and before there are 3rd party add-ons that will accomplish the same thing; check Google for more info.  If your work orders are stored in spreadsheets then this will work the best for you.


You can always create the URI by hand as well.  There are plenty of free online tools that can URL-encode your fields so that you can copy / paste them together in to a Hot Link.  If you're not very familiar with Excel or any computer languages then this will work best for you.

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