Getting Started with Work Types

A work type is a set of project fields, tasks and options that are grouped together to make creating and updating projects in Pruvan easier.

How Work Types Function

When you create a work type you will choose what Photo Tasks, Surveys, Project Options, and Task Options will be added to a project, as well as what Project Fields will be automatically filled out when it is applied to a project.  The only standard Project Field that cannot be saved to a Work Type is the Project ID.  Work Types can be set when creating or updating a project from Pruvan Online. On Pruvan Mobile Work Types can only be applied on project creation.  Work Types can also be applied by an integration on project import.

Work Types when applied to a Project it will:

  • always over write Reference, Description, and Project Options
  • add any Tasks that do not exist, but never overwrite existing Tasks
  • if field is blank, will populate value in Work Type. Work Type values will not overwrite fields such as Due Date(s), Start Date(s), Address, Status(s), Assigned To, or Project Name if not blank.

Below is a look at the layout of the Worktypes page:


A. Worktype Sub Menu

This menu contains the tools available on the Worktypes page. This page shares a layout and many features with the Project Manager

  • New - This button brings up the new worktype window.  You can create a new Work Type with it.
  • Edit -  This button brings up the edit worktype window, and only works when a single project is selected from the current project table.  In this window you can change all fields and tasks for the selected worktype and set up matching configurations.
  • Delete - This button will delete selected projects.
  • Duplicate - This button allows you to duplicate selected projects.
  • Views - This allows you to save and apply filter and search settings to quickly return to complex project searches.
  • Columns - This button allows you to show or hide columns from the Worktypes table.  Reset Columns will default the hidden and displayed columns.  
  • Filter - This button will show / hide column filters in the Worktype Table.  Filters will remain active even when hidden.  The Filter button will remain blue as long as there are active filters applied.
  • Details - Clicking this button will open the Details sidebar, showing all available details for the selected worktype.

B. Navigation Sub Menu

This menu bar contains the normal navigation, selection, and export tools available throughout Pruvan Online.

C. Current Worktype Table

This table displays your Worktypes. Click any column header to sort the listed worktypes by that column. You can also save the applied filters and searches to a View for searches that are repeated frequently. See Getting Started with the Project Manager to learn about the project fields. Below is a list of fields unique to the Worktype page:

  • Priority - This determines the order in which your Worktypes are applied when using Matching Configurations. A Worktype with a lower number will be applied before a worktype with a higher number in Priority.
  • Services - This shows the number of tasks or services saved on the Worktype. Click the number to view these Tasks.
  • Configurations - This shows how many Matching Configurations are associated with the Worktype. Click the number to view all Matching Configurations.

D. Details Sidebar

This window shows you all available information for the selected worktype.  To open it, select a worktype and then click the Details button in the Worktype Sub Menu.  Select different worktypes or use the arrow keys to change the displayed worktype.  In addition to the information available on the current worktype table you will see the following fields:

Matching Configurations - This displays the Client Code, Task Name, Reference, State, Zip, and Descriptions set up for each Matching Configuration on the selected worktype. 

Tasks - This shows the names of all the photo or survey tasks on the selected worktype.

History - This window shows a log of the last 10 changes to the worktype; when it was changed, what was changed, and who made the change.


Creating Work Types

Creating work types is easy to do from Pruvan Online.  Click the link below for step by step instructions.

To see what fields to set in a Work Type to add Check In to your Project click here.

Editing Work Types

Work Types can also be changed or deleted from Pruvan Online.

Update an Existing Work Type

Simply follow the same steps for creating a new Work Type, just choose your existing Work Type from the menu instead of entering a new Work Type Name.

Delete a Work Type

Select the Work Type from the dropdown menu and click the Delete button.

Account Default Work Type

The account default Work Type is a work type that will be applied automatically any time a new project is created.  Only one Work Type can be the default at a given time.  Default Work Types do not apply to orders imported from a spreadsheet or from an integration.

How to Set the Default Work Type

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Account then Edit Profile from the drop down menu.
  3. Under Default WorkType, all your work types will be displayed in a select box.
  4. Select the desired work type
  5. Click Save

Applying Work Types to a Project

Work Types can be applied on project creation or by updating current projects using either Pruvan Online or with your Integration.  Our articles on creating and editing projects include how to add work types in them.


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