Safeguard System Availability: Resolved

24 June 2015 1815 CDT

Safeguard's system is now back online.  We will begin relaying photos.  Please be patient with the relay process as it will take a while to send everything from today to Safeguard.  Remember, if your photos attempted to relay between 1000 - 1400 CDT you may have to republish them.

24 June 2015 1340 CDT

Safeguard's system is currently offline.  We will be holding all relays on the SFG Enhanced and SFG Grasscut integrations until they are back online.  If you have had photos relayed during the past few hours you may need to re-publish them once their system is back online.  When they do come back up, please realize that there will be a long line of photos being sent to Safeguard and it may take several hours before you see all of them show up.  We will keep this article updated with the latest status.

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