Auto Admin

Auto Admin is a core feature available on many of our external-mode integrations.  Normally an external integration is not able to change certain fields in Pruvan after a project is initially imported.  Auto Admin changes this behavior and lets you decide how much control the integration has over your projects.

Pruvan Fields affected by Auto Admin:

  • Description
  • Reference
  • Work Order Info
  • Project Options
  • Project Instructions
  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Tasks
    • Name
    • Instructions
    • Options

Auto Admin On (default)

The fields listed above will be set based on the information sent by the client's system every time the order is imported in to Pruvan.  Any changes you have made to these fields will be overwritten or erased.

Auto Admin Off

The fields listed above will only be set by the client's system the first time an order is created in Pruvan.  Any additional imports of the same order will not overwrite or erase any changes you've made to these fields in Pruvan.


Developers who push orders to Pruvan accounts may find this article interesting:  

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