Xome Field Services: Switching from myFAStrack Desktop to Pruvan Direct

Xome Field Services (XFS) is now integrated with Pruvan Online


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This will allow you to import your Xome Field Services work orders right into your Pruvan account along with all other work.  This integration replaces the need for the myFAStrack desktop application. 

This means that you can assign Xome Field Services work out to the field using Pruvan Online and get the photos back to the office in one location, quickly and easily.


Use the Pruvan Mobile app and Pruvan Online to complete Xome Field Services work

If you used the old Xome Field Services system, which included the FASTrack mobile app as well as the MyFASTrack PC app, then not much has really changed for you other than the layout.

  • You are able to view all of your work orders from Xome Field Services on the Pruvan Project page online.
  • Go into each work order to accept them.
  • Assign the work orders out to your crew members in the field.
  • All photos and surveys taken and completed in the field will upload to the Photos page in your Pruvan account online.
  • Go into the order details and click Launch MyFASTrack to open the embedded portal.
  • This portal looks and acts just like the MyFASTrack PC app that was used to close out work orders before.
  • Make sure all required surveys are marked with a green Complete message, edit your services, generate an invoice and submit to QC.
  • If for any reason the work order will not submit to QC you will need to review all surveys and photos to make sure that you have fulfilled all requirements for the work order.

All of this info is relayed back to Xome Field Services for review just like the MyFASTrack PC app.


 Use the Pruvan Mobile app in place of a Point and Shoot Camera

If you used to use a point and shoot camera to get your work orders completed for Xome Field Services, you can use the Pruvan mobile app in a similar way!

  • You will still need to set up the Xome Field Services  integration in your Pruvan account.
  • Assign the work orders to our users.
  • The users will be able to take the photos using the mobile app. 
  • You will be able to view and QA the photos in your online Pruvan account and publish them to Xome Field Services system.
  • At this point you can log into and complete the work orders just like you did before.

The big bonus of using the Pruvan Mobile app instead of a point and shoot camera is that you do not have to go home at the end of the day, pull all of the photos off of the SD card, sort then and then upload them!


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