PPW Internal or External?

PPW Admins and Contractors

When you're setting up a PPW APIv2 integration you will need to choose to either use it as an internal integration or an external integration.  Internal gives PPW's system more control over your account while external blocks some changes from PPW's system to your Pruvan projects.

PPW Admins

As an admin on your PPW account you should set your PPW APIv2 integration to Internal.  This will allow the integration to auto-assign orders to your vendors and keep your projects in Pruvan lined up with your orders in PPW.

PPW Contractors

As a contractor in PPW you should set your PPW APIv2 integration to External.  This will let you choose whether PPW can overwrite changes you've made to your projects in Pruvan.

With the External mode set, there are 2 additional options to your integration setup; Auto Admin and Default Assign To.  The description of what each of these does is in the following articles:

For Auto Admin:

Do you want to be able to change the instructions or due dates in Pruvan from what is in PPW?


Set Auto Admin off - This will set the instructions and due date based on the available information in PPW, but once you change it the integration will not reset it back to what is in PPW.


Set Auto Admin on - This will keep your instructions and due dates synced with what is in PPW.

For Default Assign To:

Do you want to manually assign your projects to multiple subusers in your Pruvan account or do you want the orders automatically assigned to a single user in your account?

Manually Assign to Many

Leave Deafult Assign To set to (unassigned)

Auto Assign to One

Set Default Assign To to the user you want the orders sent to

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