iOS Task Switching Bug v3.15: Resolved

14 August 2015 1506 CDT

A new iOS version has been released, please update from the App Store.

31 July 2015 1743 CDT

iOS bug affects Pruvan Share 2 and Custom Integrations


A bug has been identified on iOS that will cause Photo Task photos to be mis-labeled as Survey Photos.  This has been identified on iOS 3.14 through 3.15.3 releases.


This is caused by switching tasks from inside the camera when a Survey Task is present.  Switching to a Photo Task from a Survey Task will, from inside the camera, will cause the Photo Task photos to be labeled as Survey Task photos.  

Pruvan Share 2

This will have the biggest impact on Pruvan Share 2 work orders, as Survey Photos will not relay up to your Client's account until the survey is submitted.  This means that mis-labeled Photo Task photos will also not relay until the survey they were labeled under is submitted.

Custom Integrations

For integrations that are reading the 'parentId' field, this will be wrongly set to a Survey UUID instead of 'key1' for the Photo Task photos.  However the 'evidenceType' field will read correctly.


Avoid switching tasks from inside the camera when a survey is present on the project.  If you load a photo task from the Project Details screen (where the map is) your photos will be good.  Also, if there is no survey on the project then you may switch tasks normally.


We are currently working on updating the iOS app to address this bug.  This article will be updated once that version is live on the App Store.

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