How do I make sure my Geo-Location Data is accurate?

What is Geo-Location Data?

Geo-Location Data is information about the location (Longitude and Latitude info) which is written into the photo EXIF data. Pictures taken with a smart phone or point/shoot camera with a GPS chip may be able to write that Geo-Location Data into the EXIF data.   

The “EXIF” data written into the photo is visible when looking at the photo using Windows “Properties” button.  See example below:


How do I make sure the GPS sensor is reporting the correct Latitude and Longitude?

The GPS sensor in a camera or mobile phone is subject to errors.  The GPS sensor may not always report the correct information to the camera application, therefore the GPS data may be inaccurate. 

Use the Native Map application on your smartphone device to determine the accuracy of your location. 

Most smartphones have a map application that can show you how accurate your GPS sensor is by reporting where the device (you) are on the map.  The GPS sensor also reports “Accuracy”.  Accuracy is a circular radius giving an estimate of the general area of your location.  The larger the circle (radius) the less accurate your location is.  Sometimes this circular radius is reported as “plus or minus” in feet or meters.

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