How to Manually Upload photos into a Pruvan Project from a Computer

You can manually upload photos that were taken outside of the Pruvan system to a project.  Please note that these photos will not be certified as they are from an outside system.

  1. Log in to your Pruvan account
  2. Click on the Project page and find the project that you want to upload photos to (use Search box).  If it is not in your Projects page, check the 'Deleted' page and Restore the Project.  Then - go back to the Projects page and find it there.
  3. Click on the Pictures column tiny blue box
  4. Click Upload
  5. In the Upload Photos popup window, set the Task and Evidence Type (Before, During, After, etc) you would like the photos uploaded to
  6. Do one of the following to select your photos from the PC:
    • (PC Only) Select all of the photos in your computer and drag them in to the 'Drag and Drop Files' section of the pop up window
    • Click 'Choose Files' and select the photos from the window that pops up
  7. If you need to upload more photos to a different Task or Evidence Type make sure to click the Select Additional Files button to reset the window.
  8. Once all of the photos have uploaded click Close



If your project and/or account settings have Auto Relay turned Off, you will need to manually publish your uploaded items. From the Project page, locate the project and click on the Pictures box with the item count:



Next, click on Select All (which will highlight the photos), then in the Publish Selected To drop down, choose one of the options (publish to the Downloader, Client or both). 



This will send all of the results and the Status of the items will go from Pending QA to Published.


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