My projects are in Pruvan Online but not Pruvan Mobile?

When projects are imported into Pruvan Online those same projects must be assigned to a username, so the projects can be completed in the field.  

**All Pruvan Projects must be "Assigned" to a Pruvan Sub-User to be visible on the Pruvan Mobile**

How to Assign Projects:

1) Login using a Staff or Admin Role on Pruvan Online (PC Web Browser)

2) Click the Project Page on the left menu bar

3) Select the Project or "Control Click" or "Shift Click" the Project(s) you wish to Assign, projects will be highlighted blue once selected. (note you can sort or search to restrict list).

4) Click the Action button and select the Update option in the drop down menu

5) In the 'Assign To' field Select User you wish to assign the selected Project(s) to.

6) Click on Update at the bottom of the box to save these changes

Login with the Pruvan Sub-User credentials on the mobile app to view all Projects assigned!



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