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Usage Report

Use the Pruvan Usage Report to view your volume by day and project.  This report gives you totals for your Pictures, Surveys, CSRs, Check Ins, Devices, Projects by day and project.  You can also manage failed relays to our integrated partners and republish them with a few clicks.

Usage Stats

This is an overview of your usage.  You can see how many of the different items have been uploaded to your account by date.  To drill in to the Daily stats just click on the Date (a) you want to view.  To manage any failed relays click the red Manage (b) button.

Daily Stats

The report shows all of your stats for a given day by project number.  Click the project number (a) to open the Project Details page for that project.  To manage any failed relays just click on the red Manage button (b) in the failures column.

Manage Upload Failures

This page shows all of your failed relays for a given day.  There are retry links to let you quickly republish just the items that failed to relay.  Simply click the blue Retry button (a) to retry failures for that project.

Retry Failed Relays

Follow these steps to retry multiple project failures at once:

  1. Log into Pruvan Online
  2. Click on the Reports on the menu and choose Usage Report in the Report Launcher
  3. Look for any Failed Uploads and click the red Manage button
  4. On the Manage Upload Failures page select each Project with a Failure Count
    • To select multiple Projects hold down the Ctrl key on your key board while selecting all of the Projects
  5. Click Retry Selected and all of the selected Projects will republish the failed relays


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