New Release! Pruvan v3.15

A new Pruvan release is right around the corner!  Here is an overview of what you will see.

Pruvan Online

Release Date: 7/8/2015

  • New Reports! - There are several new reports available now:
    • Device Management Report - See all device usage over a designated date range.  Available in the Report Launcher.
    • Check In Report - See the status of all your Check Ins over a given date range.  Available in the Report Launcher.
    • Crew Tracking Report - See where your users are taking photos, by day.  Includes a map view!  NOTE: This is not real-time tracking, it is based on GPS data of uploaded photos.  Available in the Report Launcher.
    • Property Report - See all activity over a given date range for a specific address.  Just click on an address from the Photos page to start!
  • New User Interface - The new interface is now the default for logging in to Pruvan Online.
  • New Project Management Page - The new Projects page now has all of the functionality of the old flash project management page.  You can now also see the field status of a project, as well as the status in an integrated system (if set).  As an added bonus, this new page loads much, much faster than the old one.
  • New Move Interface - When you open the Photo Gallery viewer there is now a drag-n-drop style interface for moving photos between tasks / projects.  Additionally you can now type (or paste!) in the project you want to move photos to without having to scroll the list.
  • Upload Manager Improvements - The features for retrying failed relays to your integrations has been improved to work better.
  • Photos Page Improvements - The Photos page has been redesigned to load much faster.  Selection on the details page is revamped as well, no more check boxes!  Simply click on a row to select it.
  • Direct Password Management for Subusers - Subusers can now request a password reset using the Forgot Password link on the login screen (if an email is associated with their username) or through the Edit Profile page under Accounts.
  • Partner Branding Options - Details here

Pruvan Mobile

Android Released: 9/9/2015
iOS In Beta Testing:  8/14/2015

  • Organized Project List - The Project list is now organized in to collapsible accordions.  Just tap to view or close a section.
  • User Interface Updates - The Apps have updated UIs to reflect the latest design guidelines from Google and Apple.
  • Activity Timeout - The apps now support an activity timeout, forcing users to log back in to access their projects.
  • Quick Login - There is now an option to enable Quick Login.  This will let the user set a 4 digit PIN to quickly log in to the app after an activity timeout.
  • Work Order Acceptance - Integrated systems will now be able to let mobile users accept and reject work orders from the app.  When you tap on a task you will be prompted to accept or reject the work order, if enabled.
  • Check In Improvements - Some more options have been added to the Check In system to make the Check In process flow better.  This includes enforcing Check In before any activity is allowed on a project and linking a survey, like the AGS Checklist, to the Check In process.

Pruvan Downloader

In Beta Testing:  8/17/2015

  • Much Faster - The Downloader now processes photo downloads faster than ever.  As long as your internet connection supports the increased load, you will see much faster results.
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