Safeguard Grasscut Integration: Resolved

23 June 2015 1220 CDT

All Safeguard Integrations are now back to normal operation.  If you are missing photos on your work order in Vendorweb, locate them in Pruvan Online and republish them; instructions are here.

23 June 2015 1130 CDT

The Safeguard Grasscut Integration has been updated and is now working correctly again.  The Safeguard Enhanced integration is being evaluated as the Photo Direct app was also updated.  There may be issues uploading photos over Safeguard Enhanced, however importing orders is still working correctly.

23 June 2015 1000 CDT

The Safeguard Grasscut integration is not currently working.  Safeguard updated their Vendorweb Mobile app, which is causing the problem.  We are working on fixing the integration to get everyone back online.

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