How to Set Up a Cyprexx Integration

Retrieve your Cyprexx API Key

Before you can integrate the Cyprexx system with Pruvan you must generate an API Key.

  1. Login to your Cyprexx account
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Account Management
  4. Click on the Integrations tab
  5. Click on the Generate API Key button
  6. Copy the API Token(make sure you do not copy any blank spaces before or after the API Key, the integration will not validate in Pruvan)
    • Note: This is a password for your Cyprexx account, do NOT give it out publicly

Create the Cyprexx Integration in your Pruvan Account

Log into your Pruvan account online and follow these steps:

  1. Click Clients/Integrations from the top of the page and select Configure
  2. Click New on the Clients/Integrations page
  3. Enter Cyprexx for in the Company Name field, CYPXX in the Client/Integration Code field,  and click the dropdown under Client/Integration Type to select Cyprexx Services Enhanced
  4. Click Next 
  5. Enter your Cyprexx username 
  6. Paste the Cyprexx API Key(again make sure there are not extra spaces before or after the code or the integration will not validate)
  7. (OPTIONAL) Set the Default Assigned To option if one of the following is true 
    • If all Cyprexx orders are being completed by the same username then set the Default Assigned To in the integration to that username, all orders imported through the integration will assign to that username and be available in the app
    • If all orders need to be assigned to a in office Coordinator you can set the Default Assigned To to the Coordinator's username and all orders will import and assign, the coordinator can then assign orders out to individual users
  8. Click Validate and make sure you receive a green Success(if you do not you may need to re-copy the API Token from the Cyprexx website)
  9. Click Save







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