System Notification - iOS v3.14.5: Resolved



The iOS app has been updated in the Apple App Store with a fix for this issue.  If you are still experiencing this problem please update your app and verify on the login screen that it states v3.14.6 at the bottom of the screen in grey.



There has been a bug found in the production release of iOS 3.14.5
This is the release currently available in the Apple App Store.

The problem relates to projects that have surveys or photo tasks labeled as 'required'.  If you use the "upload only when WO complete" option, make sure that your tasks are not labeled as required!

The app may not let you mark these projects complete.  This setup will most commonly be seen with projects that have required AGS Checklist surveys.

If you are having a technical issue not related to 'required' tasks, please open a support ticket from your device.

We are currently working on updating the iOS app and it will be available as soon as possible.  Until then you have the option to sideload the 3.12.1 app from our website on to your iOS device.  Please read the instructions here for sideloading the iOS app.

Please note that sideloaded iOS apps will show up as NEW DEVICES in your Devices page.  This means that if you use the 3.12 and 3.14 app on the same device, it will take up 2 device slots in your account.  If you need some assistance with device management after switching over to the sideloaded version, please open a support ticket and we will help you out.

Once the 3.14 app has been patched and released you will see the update in the App Store on your iOS device.

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