How to Use Photo Mode Surveys

You can now create surveys in Pruvan that show up in the mobile app like a Photo Task.  Why would you want to do this?  Because it allows you to set minimum and maximum photo requirements for your 'tasks'.  You can also take advantage of the Photo Mode camera navigation for your regular surveys as well!

How Photo Mode Surveys Work

You create a survey template consisting only of questions with an answer-type of 'none'.  When one of these surveys gets loaded in to the mobile app, it will open directly in to the camera.  Your 'questions' will be selectable from a dropdown in the camera just like Photo Tasks currently are.  There will be a bubble next to each 'question' that shows the number of photos taken.  Once all of the photos have been taken you simply back out of the camera and press the green Complete button.

Answer-Type None 'Questions'

All of your tasks for the survey will technically be questions with the answer-type of 'none'.  This doesn't mean you have to ask a question in the question field.  You can put a statement or just a label of what you want photos to be taken of.  ie Front of House, or Grasscut Before.

Photo Count Bubbles

The photo count bubble next to each 'question' will show 2 numbers and be color coded as well.  The first number will always be the number of photos taken on that 'question'.  The second number will, at first, show you the minimum number of photos required.  Until you take the minimum number of required photos, the bubble will be grey.  After you have taken the minimum number of photos the second number will change to show you the maximum number of photos and the color of the bubble will turn to green.

Creating a Photo Mode Survey

To create a Photo Mode Survey follow these guides for using the Survey Builder:

You will want to create a survey template that only has questions with answer-types of 'none'.  If you include any other answer-type, then the regular survey form will load.

Using Photo Mode with a Regular Form

You can also use the new Photo Mode in conjunction with a regular survey form.  When you enter the camera from the form you will be able to jump to any other Photo Requirement in the survey that has already been 'enabled'.  This way if you enable a bunch of Photo Requirements at once you can enter the camera, take the photos for all of the requirements, then exit back to the form for the next question.

To make the most of this function, use the Question field as a short label that will be easy to read in the camera list for each photo requirement.  You can use the Hint text to display more information about what needs to be done to provide further clarification if needed.

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