MCS Integration Overview - How it Works

The MCS Integration is the link between your MCS account and your Pruvan account.  With this integration we have utilized MCS's open API to link our systems.  With this integration you can import your orders from MCS and your photos will relay back.

MCS's integration supports importing work orders, surveys, auto-flagging, and photo relay.

Importing Projects

Works orders are imported to Pruvan by clicking the Refresh button in the Configure Integrations page of Pruvan Online.  See these articles to get set up and import your orders:


Surveys can be added to all MCS work orders on import.  When surveys are published the resulting PDF is sent to your active Downloaders.  See this article to learn more:


Photos will be flagged in MCS based on the Task they were taken on in Pruvan.  Photos taken on the Occupancy Photos, Utilities, Interior Photos, and Exterior Photos Tasks will show up in the first bucket of that section in Vendor360.  All other photos will be added to the Image Gallery bucket.

Photo Relay

Photo relay back to MCS can be set in the Pruvan integration setup window.  There are 2 options to choose from:

  • Yes - Photos will relay to MCS based on your account's profile options
  • No - Photos will not relay to MCS at all

These can be set in your integration setup:

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Select Configure
  4. Click your MCS Integration to select it
  5. Click Edit
  6. Change the Photo Relay setting as desired
  7. Click Save
  8. Complete a Full Refresh to update all of your orders with the new setting

Closing Projects

Projects can be closed in the Projects page of Pruvan Online when work on them has been completed.  As your crews complete projects in the field, the status in Pruvan Online will change to Complete.  QA your photos and set the status of the project to Closed in Pruvan.  This will remove the project from your crew's mobile device.  If you need to re-open it later, simply click the Show Closed Projects button and change the status to Rework so that it will show back up on mobile.  After a project has been closed for 30 consecutive days it will automatically be deleted.  Don't worry, as long as the work order is open in Vendor360, you can always Import Orders to re-create the project in Pruvan.

Check In

Pruvan directly supports MCS's Check In requirement.  Any orders you import that meet MCS's check in criteria will activate the Check In feature in Pruvan Mobile and add the AGS Checklist to the project as well.  You must register all of your vendor's ABC numbers with MCS.  Your crew must check in with a valid ABC number, fill out and submit the AGS checklist, and press the green Complete button (when the project is finished) in order for the Check In to succeed.  For more information about Check In see this article:


See our MCS Integration FAQ

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