AFS Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and AFS, to exchange information.

What are the features of the AFS integration?

The integration can import orders, check in, relay photos back to AFS, and auto-flag photos, their embedded portal myFAStrack, and auto-closing projects.

I'm a contractor on my client's AFS account, can I still use the integration?

No, unfortunately you need to have access to FAStrack in order to set up the integration.

How do I reach AFS Support?

You can contact AFS Support by opening a ticket with them here.

How do I set up the AFS integration?

See these instructions.

How does AFS want me to use Pruvan?

All of AFS' training documentation can be found here. (requires FAStrack login)

Why is there a Check In required on this order?

Please see our AFS Check In article.

What information from my AFS work order is visible in the Pruvan project?

Below is a list of how data is mapped from AFS to Pruvan:

Work Order Project
Order Number Project ID
Address Address
City City
State State
Due Due Date
Service Line Task Name

Can I attach surveys to my AFS work orders?

Not at this time, however AFS's forms are automatically attached to your AFS projects.

Will my surveys go to AFS ?

Yes, your survey answers are sent to AFS.

Can I change the task's that are on the AFS projects?

No, once a work order is imported in to Pruvan the tasks can not be changed.

Can I add extra photo task's to my AFS projects?

No, this is not a feature of the AFS integration.

What if my AFS project does not have a Photo Task, but I need to take photos?

If you receive an AFS project in Pruvan without a photos task then you will need to reach out to your AFS coordinator and ask them to edit the AFS package for the project and add a photo task. Once they have done do you can refresh your AFS integration in Pruvan to update the AFS project in Pruvan.

Can I submit my AFS work orders from Pruvan?

Yes, you can use the myFAStrack portal to submit your AFS orders.

Can I QA my Photos in Pruvan Online before sending them to AFS?

Yes!  Set your 'QA in Field' setting to 'no'.  Then check out this article on Online QA.  You can skip the Initial Setup portion of the article as that is done automatically for your AFS orders.

Can I QA my Photos in Pruvan Mobile before sending them to AFS ?

Yes!  Set your 'QA in Field' setting to 'yes'.  Then check out this article on Mobile QA.  You can skip the Initial Setup portion of the article as that is done automatically for your AFS orders.

Can I just have everything go to AFS without holding it up in Pruvan?

No, you must QA your photos in Pruvan before publishing them to AFS .

I'm getting a 'File Save Failed' error when trying to send photos to AFS, what do I do?

This is the error sent back to us by AFS, there are several causes.  Most of them deal with the AFS servers, if this is the case then wait and attempt to retry them later.  Another possibility is that your username / password is no longer valid.  To verify, go to Integrations, open your AFS integration, and click Validate.  If you do not get 'Success' then update your username and password.  See this article on re-publishing failed uploads.

Why Am I Receiving A Sub-User Validation Error On My AFS Integration

If you are getting a Sub-user validation error on your AFS integration this is just fancy way of saying that your AFS username and password that you have entered into your AFS integration is no longer valid. To fix the issue you will need to enter the correct AFS username and password. This usually happens when your AFS password is changed for security reasons. Read this article for instructions on how to update your AFS integration.


How many options are there for Completing your AFS work orders using Pruvan?

There are two. Using Pruvan Direct, and using the legacy myFAStrack desktop.  Learn more here.  


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