MCS Check In

Note: This article is obsolete, please contact MCS for Check-in instructions using the proprietary MCS Verify tool.



To use MCS check in with any mobile app, you must complete the following process per MCS:

Particularly step #5 is important:  Email the ABC number, IC status, and date to with your vendor ID code.


Follow these steps to enable MCS Check In through your MCS Integration:

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Select your MCS Integration
  4. Click Edit
  5. Set Enable MCS Check In to 'Yes'
  6. Click Save
  7. Click the Refresh button for your MCS integration

All of your new orders going forward will now be Check In enabled.  To enable Check In on your previously imported orders, delete all of your MCS projects from the projects page and then follow the above steps.


How do I setup an MCS Check-In using a non-MCS integration?

MCS Check-In is available for non-MCS integrations.  It will work with the PPW APIv2 integration as long as your MCS orders are imported directly in to PPW from MCS.  For other integrations please update your web service as outlined in the following article:

What MCS orders will require a Check-In?

MCS orders from all customer numbers will require a check-in, with the exception of 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 502 528 and 532.  Additionally customer numbers 106 472 591 685 708 744 and 936 will require that the Checklist be completed as well.


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