How to Move Photos from one Project to Another Using Action with Selected Move

Photos are moved in groups based on the project, task, and evidence type that they are moving to. So if you need to move a group of photos from Project-A to Project-B and half are before and half are after photos, then you will need to move them in two batches; one for the before photos and one for the after.  The following sections go over how to complete the Move process:

  1. Activate
  2. Move
  3. Publish

How to Activate a Project

A Project must be active in order for a user to move photos into the Project.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Projects
  3. Find the project that you want to move the photos into (Project-B)
    • If you do not see the project you are needing listed on the Projects page then you will need to look for the project on the Photos page
    • If the project you need does not exist in either page, then you will need to re-import the project from your client integration or re-create the project in Projects tab
  4. Click the push pin to activate that project
    • If there's a clock icon instead of a push pin you do not need to do anything, the project is already active

Move photos to Active Projects

Once the correct project is active follow these steps to actually move your photos:

  1. Click Photos
  2. Find the Project that you want to move the photos from (Project-A)
  3. Click on the Project Number 
  4. Select the Photos you want to move
    • You can use the Select All button, shift-clicking, and ctrl-clicking to select multiple photos (blue)
    • Use the Search box to narrow the photo list to a select term (green)
    • Click the Filters button and use the column filters to narrow the photo list to photos that match a selected file type, task, or evidence type (orange)
  5. Click Action with Selected
  6. Select Move
  7. Click the Project drop down and select the project you want to move the photos to (Project-B)
    • You can also type out or paste a Project Number in the Project box
  8. Select the task that the photos will be moved to
    • To move photos to more than one task then you should complete the move process multiple times
  9. Select the evidence type that the photos will be moved to
    • To move photos to more than one evidence type then you should complete the move process multiple times
  10. Click Move
  11. Verify that you see the Completed message

Your photos are now in the project you sent them to.


Publish Moved Photos

The photos you moved will now be in a Pending QA stated.  To publish these photos to your Downloader or a client integration, follow the steps below that will publish all unpublished photos on Project-B.  To only publish select photos then follow these steps.

  1. Click on Photos
  2. Find Project-B
  3. Click the Publish All button


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