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Check-In FAQ

What is Check-In?

Check-In is a feature that allows you to declare that you are at a designated location using a validated ID number. 

Why is checking-in important?

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other Federal Agencies are holding the mortgage servicer (like a bank) of a property directly responsible for all personnel that work on the property.  Therefore these mortgage servicers are requiring all personnel to check-in using an ID that links to their background check data.  This way the mortgage servicer can tell the CFPB that they know exactly who was at their property and that they were cleared (had an acceptable background check on file) to work there.

How do I complete a check-in on my mobile device?

To complete a Check-In using your Pruvan Mobile app, please follow the steps in this article.

How do I remove an existing ABC number on my mobile device?

You can remove an existing ABC # from the Pruvan Mobile app at any time. To do this, go into a Project and click on the Check-In option at the bottom of a Check-In required Project (any Check-In required project from any Work Provider is fine). You will be able to see all the existing ABC #s on that device. Hold your finger on the ABC # you wish to remove and swipe left. A red Delete button will appear; click this to delete the ABC # from the device.

Who is Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS)?

AGS is a technology company that provides a service to mortgage servicers.  That service, iRecord, is to store background check results on the personnel working on a property, processing the resulting check-ins, and managing all of that data for the mortgage servicer.  AGS does not complete background checks, they use background check services provided by companies like First Advantage.  These background check companies maintain the actual background check data.

What is an ABC Number?

An ABC number is an Assigned Background Compliance Number.  This is the ID number that you use to check-in with when completing an AGS check-in.  You can get an ABC number by registering with iRecord.

What is a Vendor ID?

A Vendor ID is an organizational identifier in iRecord.  Everyone with an ABC number will belong to a Vendor ID.  To register your organization with AGS, go here.

What is the Checklist, 10 Point of Service Questions, etc..?

This is a list of questions that are required to be answered while at a property in order to complete a check-in.  For Pruvan Mobile these questions will come through on the project as an additional 'required' survey.  Attaching this survey to your projects is covered in the appropriate section for setting up Check-In.

Where can I get more information on AGS and Check-Ins?

There is a detailed FAQ available here from NAMFS.

How do I get Check-In set up with no integration?

To enable mobile Check In using Pruvan, with or without an integration, you can use a Work Type.  See this article for steps on how to get started:

How do I get Check-In set up with PPW?

To enable mobile check-in using Pruvan through PPW you will need to mark the orders requiring check-in in PPW as such.  PPW will be automatically enabling check-in for select Clients based on those Client's requirements.  Alternatively you can enable check-in using PPW's dashboard (home screen).  Please consult with PPW on how to do this.  Once that is done simply set the status to 'in-field', 'unread', 'accepted', or 'follow-up' for the order to import (or complete a full refresh in Pruvan).  PPW will also attach the needed Checklist survey to orders requiring a check-in.  **This will only work on the APIv2 version of our PPW integration.  Be sure that your PPW integration has the option 'ignore bid task' set to false for check-in to work correctly!**

How do I get Check-In set up with EPS?

We are still working with EPS to get check-in enabled through Field-Comm / In-Field Express.

How do I get Check-In set up with the Pruvan API?

You must enable the check-in options for the work orders that require it in your getWorkOrders feed.  Please see the How to Enable Mobile Check In with an Integration article for more information.

What do I need to do for the Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) check-in requirement?

Pruvan supports MCS's Check In requirement.  For more information please see the MCS Check In article.

What do I need to do for the Servicelink Check In requirement?

Pruvan Supports Servicelink's Check In requirement.  For more information please see the Servicelink Check In article.

Why do my Check Ins Keep Failing?

See this FAQ for failed Check Ins

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