How to Complete a Mobile Check In

Using Mobile Check-in

Pruvan Mobile Check In for iOS 

Pruvan Mobile Check In for Android  


These step numbers match up with the red numbers in the screenshots below.

  1. Open the project in Pruvan Mobile
  2. Tap on Check In
  3. Tap on the Add button
  4. Enter or scan a badge number
    • This is your Aspen Grove ABC number for most providers
    • To Check In as a guest (if you don't have an ABC number) simply enter your First and Last name
  5. Tap on the Camera icon
    1. You can also tap the record to view and edit it
  6. Take a check-in photo
    1. You can accept the photo
    2. Retake the photo
    3. And cancel, to return to the check-in screen
  7. Repeat for all crew members
  8. Tap the Submit button
    • If the button at the bottom of the screen says 'Next' instead then follow these steps:
      1. Tap the Next button
      2. Skip step 9
  9. Open the Checklist survey
    • If your project does not have a Checklist then skip to Step 12
  10. Complete the survey
  11. Tap on Submit Survey
  12. Complete the project using Pruvan Mobile as usual
    • You must tap the Green (Complete, Publish, etc) button after you finish all of your surveys and photos for the Check-In data to go to your Check In provider



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