Plan B - What to do when things aren't working

When your use of Pruvan in your process is working the way you intend it to work then everything is fine; smooth sailing.  Plan B is for when that fails.  In many industries a Plan B is formally known as a Disaster Recover Plan (DRP).  Check to see if your organization has a Plan B already and follow their direction, otherwise use these steps as a guide.

All is Well When:

  • The day to day workflow is being followed as required 
  • Pruvan Online reports no error messages or alerts that need attention (includes but not limited to un-activated devices, processing delays and integration issues) 
  • There are no setup, training, workflow or configuration issues causing problems (includes but not limited to internet issues, service outages workflow issues, and field errors)

When something is not working, you must be prepared - Plan B:  

You can always keep working and taking photos.  Pruvan Mobile will queue up photos on your device, and they are safely stored, similar to a point/shoot camera, on your device.  Photos will transfer to Pruvan Online when the device is connected to the Pruvan Online.

Plan B at a high level means keep working, keep taking photos, keep submitting your survey forms, and keep completing projects using Pruvan Mobile.

Work order not found on Pruvan Mobile?

First make sure orders are imported, assigned in Pruvan Online and assigned user's device has a refreshed list of orders.  Still not found?  Use the + button on Pruvan Mobile.  This allows you to create a work order on the jobsite on Pruvan Mobile and take photos.  Pruvan Mobile will locate your address (Internet required) or you can manually enter address and tasks.  Keep snapping photos!  

Photos not relaying from Pruvan Online to an Integration or a Pruvan Downloader?

Use the Upload Manager report from your Pruvan Online account to see what the hold up is.  If the report shows "waiting for worker" or "pending" and the delay reported is less than 30 minutes, you are in line, and things are a bit backed up.  Patience is the key here.  Longer than 30 minutes?  Open a ticket with us and we will investigate.  

Need photos now?  Can not wait?

Download photos from Pruvan and upload manually.  Pruvan ZIP file and Pruvan Downloader are available from your Pruvan Online account.

Error messages caused photos to not to relay?

Read the alert message and fix the reported issue.  You can use the Usage Report found on Pruvan Online to see failures and resubmit (re-publish) your photos and survey results from this report.

Client Integration(s) with Pruvan issues?

Pruvan Integration(s) are free, anyone can create an Integration using the Pruvan API, and the work flow and technical issues are largely outside of our control.   This said, we do want to help support the integration.   Open a ticket with us and we will try to help make order import, assignment, status changes, and photo and survey transfer work smooth with our integration partners.

Pruvan Mobile

Photos/results transfer from your device to your Pruvan Online account first.

Once you take a photo or submit a survey from Pruvan Mobile, the Pruvan Mobile app queues photos on your device.  The results are safely stored and available for manual transfer if required.  You can view the status of each photo take or survey you complete within Pruvan Mobile.

Upload Complete on Pruvan Mobile: Depending on service availability and device/work-order settings the photos/results you take will begin uploading them to your Pruvan Online account as soon as there is an Internet connection available to your device.

Upload Pending on Pruvan Mobile:  This means wait.  Pruvan Mobile does a great job waiting without killing your battery until there is an Internet connection to send photos to your Pruvan Online account.  If you are unable to get Upload Complete, make sure your device is connected to the Internet. 

Using the Pruvan App Offline

Logging in to the App while Offline

The Pruvan app will remember your last login and allow you to sign in with the same user name and password used.  You will not be able to log in to a different account while offline however.  If you receive an error stating that the Validation service can not be reached, try turning on Airplane Mode, signing in again, and then turn Airplane Mode back off.

Creating an Ad-Hoc Project

Ad-Hoc projects allow you to create projects in the field to take photos on.  Follow the steps in this article to create an Ad Hoc project.  These photos can be downloaded with the Pruvan Downloader or, for integrated work orders, moved to the correct work order.

Unable to Access the Pruvan App at all

Most native smart phone cameras will take geo-coded photos.  Using the native camera app or a backup digital camera to complete work will still allow you to complete your jobs.  Those photos can then be sent where they need to go or uploaded to Pruvan from the device using the Upload feature in the new User Interface.

Check Ins

If you are unable to use Pruvan's Check In feature, both MCS and AGS have their own apps for completing Check Ins.  Additionally there are work order management systems that have their own apps as well.  For instance, if you receive work from PPW, then you can still Check In with their app.

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    Chuck Larson

    I'm so glad pruvan has their act together...been faithful user for years and RARELY (its been so long ago that i dont even remember the last time) have server issues...thanks for your A1 product, you make our company so successful!

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    Nicholas McMurray

    Thanks Chuck!