Why Does My Check In Keep Failing?

Your Check-In could be failing for several reasons, use this checklist to verify everything is being done correctly.

  • No Check In - User did not submit a Check-In.  Ensure that your vendors know how to use the Check-In feature of Pruvan Mobile.
  • Invalid ABC Number - User entered an invalid ABC number.  Ensure that your vendors have an ABC number and are entering the correct one.
  • Checklist not Completed - The AGS Checklist survey was not submitted.  Ensure your vendors are aware of how to properly take and submit a survey in Pruvan Mobile.
  • Check-In not Sent - The check-in and survey were all done correctly, but the data was not sent to the Check-In Provider.  Ensure your vendors are pressing the Mark Complete (green) button after finished with a project.
  • ABC Number not Registered (MCS Only) - This will show an invalid badge error.  Verify that you have sent all of your ABC numbers to MCS.  See this document for more info.

For more information on how to complete a Check-In from the field see this article.

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