PPW Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and PPW, to exchange information.

What is the difference between the PPW and PPW APIv2 integrations?

The original PPW integration only offers the most basic functionality by accessing the PPW website and is being phased out.  The APIv2 integration was created by PPW integrating to us using our open API (which is a way for computers to talk to each other over the internet).

What are the features of the PPW APIv2 integration?

The APIv2 integration can import orders automatically as they're assigned, auto-assign projects, relay photos back to PPW, auto-flag photos in PPW, and link PPW PCR's with Pruvan Surveys.

I'm a contractor on my client's PPW account, can I still use the integration?

Yes!  You will be able to receive your work orders and send photos back, even flag them.  You will be limited on some of the more advanced features as you do not have admin access in PPW.

What information from my PPW work order is visible in the Pruvan project?

Below is a list of how data is mapped from PPW to Pruvan:

PPW Pruvan
Work Order  Project
WO# or PPW#  Project ID
Address Address
State State
Date Due Due Date
Comments Instructions
Line Items Instructions
Work Order Type Photo Task
PCR* Survey Task

*PCRs must be linked to Pruvan before they will map over.  More information here.

Does Pruvan honor my work order assignment in PPW?

Yes, we can.  You can link a contractor account in PPW to a username in Pruvan.  Read this article for how to set up auto assignment.

Can I attach surveys to my PPW work orders?

Yes!  Check out this article on Surveys for PPW Projects.

Can I change the tasks that are on the PPW projects?

Not explicitly, once a work order is imported in to Pruvan, the tasks can not be changed.

Can I add extra photo tasks to my PPW projects?

Yes you can.  In the PPW APIv2 Integration setup window there is a field labeled 'Photo Tasks'.  You can enter your extra tasks here in a comma separated list.  These tasks will be attached to every work order that is imported from this PPW integration.  Unfortunately, there is not a way to add extra tasks based on some criteria (work order type, client, etc) from PPW.

Can I create Bid or Completion items in PPW from?

Yes you can!  PPW reads the 'notes' field from Pruvan photos to create Bid and Completion items.  Before you take your photos, simply tap the pencil icon from inside your Pruvan camera and enter the text you would like your photos flagged under.  That note will be on every photo you take after you set it for that project.  If you would like to change the note, or clear it, tap the pencil and make the appropriate change.  Any photos taken as before, during, or after will show as completions.  Any photos taken as bid, will show as a bid.  There is not currently a way to set the quantity or price from Pruvan Mobile.

Can I mark my PPW work orders Ready for Office from Pruvan?

Not at this time.  We are working with PPW on making improvements to the integration all of the time.

Why do my PPW photos come in sideways?

PPW only accepts photos in a landscape orientation (wider than tall).  They have set an option in Pruvan so that all of their photos are landscape photos.  Thus if you take a photo on a PPW project with your device help upright (in portrait), the photo will appear sideways.  Simply turn your device on it's side so that the camera shutter button icon is upright to take photos in the correct orientation.

What Mobile Configuration Options does PPW set on their projects?

PPW sets the following Configuration Options:

  • Camera Orientation - Landscape
  • Photo Size - Small

See this article for details on each option

What does 'Ignore Bid Task' do?

Ignore Bid Task lets your APIv2 integration create tasks like the original PPW integration.  This should be set to 'false' unless you are forcing survey use, which is covered in this article on surveys.

What does 'Send Photos to PPW' do?

This setting allows you to control whether or not data is sent back to PPW.  If you set this to 'no' then you will only be able to import work orders from PPW.  Photos, CSRs, Surveys, etc will not be relayed back to PPW; even if you publish them.  Setting this to 'auto' will relay photos (and the rest) to PPW as soon as it's uploaded to Pruvan.

What is a 'Push Key' or 'API Key'?

The Push API key is a URL (web address) that allows the auto-import feature to work.  When ever this URL is called, Pruvan pushed the 'import orders' button for your integration.

Can I QA my Photos in Pruvan Online before sending them to PPW?

Yes!  Set you 'Send Photos to PPW' setting to 'yes'.  Then check out this article on Online QA.

Can I QA my Photos in Pruvan Mobile before sending them to PPW?

Yes!  Set your 'Send Photos to PPW' setting to 'yes'.  Then check out this article on Mobile QA.

Can I just have everything go to PPW without holding it up in Pruvan?

Yes!  Set your 'Send Photos to PPW' setting to 'auto'.  This will auto-relay photos to PPW as soon as they are uploaded to Pruvan, allowing you to QA in PPW.

Can I send photos taken on my PPW projects directly to my client?

Yes, there are some stipulations however.  We need to have a direct integration with your client that has a photo relay feature, and the work order number from PPW must match your clients work order number as well.  You will need to create the integration for your client in Pruvan and complete a work order import for that integration.  You do not need to assign out those work orders.  Follow these instructions for moving photos to move photos from your PPW projects to the matching project from the direct client integration.  Once the photos are moved, you will need to publish them to your client.

Why are my photos being flagged as Misc Task in PPW?

***NOTE:  PPW has updated their integration settings and all photos taken without a 'note' will be listed in PPW as 'unflagged'***

Photos that are not flagged using a note (pencil icon) in Pruvan, will be added to a Misc task item in PPW.  This should be read as 'unflagged'.  This is how PPW has chosen to handle unflagged photos in their system, which still allows you to see before / during / after / bid photos.  You can either change the name of the item in the Bid / Completion Items page from 'Misc Task' to what it needs to be, or move the photos from that item to the correct one.

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