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Getting Started with the PPW APIv2 Integration

The PPW APIv2 Integration is the link between your PPW account and your Pruvan account.  PPW has utilized our open API to create this link between our systems.  What does this mean?  That means that PPW has full control over what data from their system maps in to our system.  They are only limited by the fields we support in Pruvan.  With this integration your orders will import automatically from PPW and your photos and surveys will relay back to PPW.

For most of the PPW APIv2 Integration articles you will notice that there are two sections; one that has steps for PPW Admins and one that has steps for PPW contractors.  Some times these are two separate articles.  Follow the steps for the type of PPW account you have access to.

PPW's integration supports auto-importing work orders, auto-assignment, surveys, auto-flagging, photo relay, and auto-closing projects.


Work orders are automatically imported when they are send 'to-field'.  This typically means orders in the status of 'unread' or 'in-field'.  If you do not use the 'in-field' status then they will import when 'assigned'.  For those using the Accept / Reject template, 'accepted' work orders will be imported.  Orders marked as 'follow-up' will be imported as well.  There are a couple of exceptions; if your order has a start date it will not import until that date, and if you make any changes to an order that has already imported it will not auto-update.  Currently the 'instructions' field in Pruvan will not update if changes are made in PPW.  This was done so that changes could be made on Pruvan's end and not get over-written.  See these articles for how to get set up:


Orders can be set to auto-assign in Pruvan.  This requires adding Pruvan usernames to each Contractor user in PPW.  See this article for how to get set up:


Surveys can be added to PPW work orders in a variety of ways.  When surveys are published the resulting PDF is add to the Documents section of the work order in PPW.  See this article to learn more:


Photos will not be flagged by default in PPW; they will upload as 'unflagged'.  To auto-flag photos, use the pencil icon in the Pruvan camera.  Whatever you type will be what shows in PPW as the bid / completion item name.  You only need to type the note once in Pruvan, all photos taken after that will contain that note.  To change it simply tap the pencil icon again and change, or clear, the entry.  If the evidence type is Before, During, or After then the item will be listed as a Completion Item, qty 1.  If the evidence type is Bid, then Misc Task will be listed as a Bid Item, qty 1.  The name of the item will be whatever is entered in to the note field in the camera.

Photo Relay

Photo relay back to PPW can be set in the Pruvan integration setup window.  There are 3 options to choose from:

  • Yes - Photos will relay to PPW based on your account's profile options
  • No - Photos will not relay to PPW at all
  • Auto - Photos will relay to PPW as soon as they are uploaded to Pruvan, regardless of your profile options

These can be set in your integration setup:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Select your PPW APIv2 Integration
  4. Click Edit
  5. Change the Photo Relay setting as desired
  6. Click Save
  7. Complete a Full Refresh to update all of your orders with the new setting

Auto Close

Work orders that are:  marked Ready for Office in PPW, marked complete on the PPW dashboard (home screen), or a completion date is added to the order under the General Info or Invoice tabs; will be automatically Closed in Pruvan.  This will make them drop from the mobile project list so that they are no longer visible in the field.  Work orders that are unassigned in PPW will be deleted from Pruvan.  This feature will only work if you have the push key correctly set up for auto-import.


See our PPW Integration FAQ

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