How to Refresh your Work Orders from an Integration

Refresh you Integrations at anytime to get newly assigned work orders into your Pruvan account from your Client's system. This action will only pull in newly assigned work orders from your Client's system and will not delete anything from Pruvan. If you would like to perform a complete sync between your Client's system and Pruvan you will need to complete a Full Import.

  1. Log in to your Pruvan Online Projects page
  2. Click the Refresh Integrations button
    1. If you only have one integration set up, it will instead show "Refresh (your integration label)"
  3. Select the integration you would like to refresh
  4. A window will pop up to show your import status. You can wait to review the updated order details, or close this window
  5. Refresh your Projects page to see any updates





Click here to learn how to use your Push Key to refresh an integration from your mobile phone

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