How to Setup a PPW APIv2 Integration for PPW Contractors

This guide is for PPW users who are contractors on their client's PPW account (no admin access)

Follow these steps to get your PPW APIv2 integration setup!

1. Create a new Client Integration in Pruvan

2. Configure your PPW APIv2 Integration in Pruvan

  1. Enter your PPW username
  2. Enter your PPW password
  3. Choose whether or not you would like your photos sent back to PPW
    • Default is 'yes', change to 'no' if you do NOT want photos and other information to go back to PPW
  4. Set 'Ignore Bid Tasks' to 'no'
  5. Set Check In Required When Provider Set to 'Yes'
    • This will turn on Check-In's in the Pruvan app so you can Check-In on all Work Orders in PPW that require a Check-In
  6. Set Integration Type to 'External'
  7. Click the 'Validate' button
    • This will result in the button turning green and reading 'Success' if the username and password are valid
    • If you receive an error please verify that your credentials are valid by logging into PPW with them
  8. Click inside of the Push APIkey box and select all of the text (ctrl-a / cmd-a), and copy it (ctrl-c / cmd-c)
  9. Click 'Save'

3. Configure your PPW APIv2 Integration in PPW

  1. Log in to your PPW account
  2. Click on your username in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your Pruvan Username in the 'Pruvan username' field
  4. Paste the key you copied earlier into the 'Push Key' field
  5. Click the 'Save' button

4. Complete your initial Work Order Import

Congratulations you are ready to go!  Check out the other articles in this section to see what else you can do with your PPW APIv2 integration.

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