New Release! Pruvan v3.14

A new Pruvan release is right around the corner!  Here is an overview of what you will see.

Pruvan Online

Release Date: 1/12/2015

  • New User Interface! - The new interface is designed to scale to all screen sizes; from an iPhone to a 40" Widescreen.  This is our first step to moving away from Flash as well!  Don't worry, when you log in everything will still look and work the same.  There will be a link at the top to try out the new interface.  All of the new features will be available under the new UI only, so be sure to click the link!  New User Guide Available Here.
  • New Project Management Page - Need to see your projects from a device that doesn't support Adobe Flash?  Now you can!  The HTML Project Management page will let you view your work orders online, even for Crew users.
  • Move Photos between Projects - You will be able to select photos that were taken on the wrong project and move them to the correct project.
  • Upload Photos directly from your Device - Have photos that were taken outside of the Pruvan app?  No problem!  You can now upload photos to a project from your device.
  • Upload Manager - You will now be able to see reports for all of your photo relays over an integration.  This will let you know if a set of photos failed to relay to your client.
  • Usage Report - This report will give you an overview of how many photos, devices, surveys, etc were used in a given day.  There is also a button to quickly re-publish failed photos as well!
  • New Statuses - In addition to Assigned, Unassigned, Complete, and Closed, you can now set the statuses of Rush, Rework, Invoiced, Submitted, and Rejected.
  • A New Consolidated Subscription - Is managing separate subscriptions a pain?  Don't like having multiple invoice dates?  Now you can get all of the devices you need with a single subscription, simply change the quantity to what you need and we'll figure the rest out.  What about the discounted plans?  No problem, get 5-24 devices and save 20%, get 25+ devices and save 40%; calculated automatically.
  • Edit Surveys - You can now edit completed Surveys online.  If your crew filled out a form incorrectly, you can now pull that form up, fix the answers, and re-submit it; all from the website!
  • MCS Check-In - Fulfill your check-in needs with Pruvan.  Using our MCS integration, simply select that you would like to do check-in and any MCS order that comes in needing a check-in will activate the Check-In feature in Pruvan Mobile.  Details here.

Now Available

  • Pruvan Standard API v2 - A New and improved API for you web service developers out there.  A whole new set of features like, the Pushkey will now support posting orders to Pruvan.  You will be able to get the Pushkey directly over the Validate endpoint.  A new Status endpoint to keep track of all the changes happening in Pruvan.  There's also a finer resolution on integrations that are meant to be used by a single Pruvan account and those that are designed to be used by several.  Specs for the new API will be coming soon!
  • Pruvan Share 2 - Pruvan Share is almost here!  You will be able to integrate to other Pruvan accounts for free.  Have 3 log-ins to different Pruvan Accounts with no way to manage your crews?  No problem!  Get your own Pruvan account and use Pruvan Share to consolidate those projects on your account where you can effectively manage your team.  Open a ticket with Pruvan Support to let us know you would like this enabled for your account.
  • Assurant Field Asset Services Integration - We have been working on an integration between Pruvan and AFAS.  You'll see it start to roll out over the next few months.  If you've been using Pruvan to do your AFAS work already, then stand by!  AFAS will be onboarding groups of vendors to Pruvan.  See this material if you would like to get started on your own.


Pruvan Mobile

Now Available

Both the iOS and Android apps will be getting updates soon.

  • Photo Survey Mode - If you like the simplicity of Photo Tasks in Pruvan but also the control of Survey Photo Requirements, then this is for you!  The Enhanced Photo Survey Mode will allow you to create 'photo-only' surveys that act like a Photo Task, but let you set minimum and maximum photo requirements for each item.  Details on how to set this up will be coming shortly.
  • Better Survey Navigation - With the new Photo Mode, is also an easier way to navigate.  You will see a book icon at the bottom of your survey form.  This will let you jump to the Review page at the end of the survey.  Quickly view the list of all your questions to see what you still need to answer.  Simply tap a question to jump directly to it.
  • iOS Zoom - Zoom is coming to iOS!  As long as you are using an iPhone 5 or newer and running iOS 7 or newer, then you will see a zoom slider in your camera in the next update.  Simply slide the blue dot to zoom in and out.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements - We're always working to polish our apps and make them better.
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