How To enable Check In on Projects Imported from a Spreadsheet

Adding Check In to projects created with the Import from File tool has never been easier!  First you'll need to create a Work Type that contains all of the Check In options you need.  Then, after you import your projects, you'll need to apply that Work Type to the appropriate projects.  If you're not sure how to use the Import from File tool, check out the Spreadsheet Project Management article.

1. Create a Check In Work Type

The article below goes over steps on how to create a Check In Work Type.  If you have projects with different Check In requirements that's no problem!  Just create a Work Type for each set.

2. Import your Projects

Import your projects using the Import from File tool like you normally would.

3. Apply the Check In Work Type

Once your projects have successfully imported, you can apply your Work Type(s) to them.  Just follow the steps in this article:

Warning:  If you have options set on your projects the work type will overwrite those options with the Check In options.

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