Best Practices for Building Pruvan Surveys

Here are some best practices for creating a survey in the Pruvan Survey Manager. These are the same steps that the Pruvan Team uses when they create a survey and find that these steps make creating a survey less confusing.

1. Survey Questions

  • Add all of the questions to the Survey Builder first, before adding Answer Triggers or Photo Requirements
  • Set up each question in the Selected Question area as you add it to the list
  • Use the Questions ID to help identify your Questions
  • For multiple questions about Shrubs add Shrubs to the beginning of your Question ID
    • Shrubs-Yes/No, then Shrubs-HowBig
    • This idea extends down to sub grouping
      • Shrubs-Oversized-Bid
      • Shrubs-RegSize-Trim
    • This will help when adding Answer Triggers later
  • Use the Up and Down arrows at the top of the Question list to move your Questions and group them together

2. Photo Requirements

  • Add all Photo Requirements to the questions that you would like photos taken on
  • Videos are not distinguished from photos in Pruvan Surveys
  • Make sure to change the answer that triggers the photo requirements to ensure the users only take photos when you would like them to

3. Answer Triggers

  • Now that all of the questions have been added and photo requirements have been set you can add the Answer Triggers
  • Use the Question ID's that you set up to help you enable the correct questions when setting up the Answer Triggers
  • You can have multiple levels, or tiers, of answer triggers
  • Be sure that you only select the "1st tier" questions you want enabled
    • A multi-tier example
    • All of your 'enabled by default' questions are tier-0, they show up no matter what
      • Any of these can be tier-0 control questions
      • Control questions are questions with answer triggers, that enable a sub-tier
      • A tier-1 question is a question that only appears if a given answer is selected from a tier-0 question
    • Go to a tier-0 control question and set the answer trigger to enable only tier-1 questiions
      • Do NOT select all sub-tier questions, only tier-1s
    • Go to a tier-1 control question and set the answer trigger to enable only tier-2 questions
    • Go to a tier-2 control question and set the answer trigger to enable only tier-3 quesitons
    • Continue this process, as needed, for all sub-tiers

4. Save Frequently

  • Make sure to save your survey frequently. If you accidentally navigate to a different page without saving first all of you hard work will be lost

5. Test Your Survey

  • Use the Preview Survey button to test your survey
  • The Survey Preview dialog will allow you to exercise your Survey and enter data and add Photos just like a user would on a mobile device

6. Publishing

  • Only Publish the Survey when you have Finished it
  • Every time a survey is saved a new version number is added to the end of the Template ID
  • The version number will need to be changed on any integration that supports attaching surveys to Pruvan projects
    • New surveys will not push down to the field unless this is done
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