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How To use the Pruvan Survey Builder

Survey Builder

The Pruvan Survey Builder is a Tool that allows you to create Mobile Forms with Answer Triggers and Photo Requirements which allows Admin users to dictate what information is collected from the field. This information is relayed back to your Pruvan online account and is downloadable as a PDF document where all of the answers and photos can be viewed. Make sure to check out the Pruvan Survey Best Practices article!



1. Menu Bar

This contains controls for the survey as well as the title fields

  • Survey Actions Menu: 
    • New - Creates a new survey template, does NOT save changes to the current template!
    • Export JSON - Used to grab the code that defines your survey
      • This can be saved to a file as a backup or copied in to another account or system
    • Import JSON - Used to import a survey from another account, system, or from a local backup file
    • Import PDF - Link a PDF file that you would like to have filled out when your survey is completed
  • Template ID - this is the ID the system uses to identify your survey
    • You will need to use this ID to attach the survey to a project
  • Title - The name of your survey
  • Preview - This brings up a window that allows you to walk through the survey as if you were on a mobile device
    • Useful for testing survey flow and triggers
  • Save - Saves all of your changes to the current survey template
    • If you have a question in your Question List that is NOT defined; that is all required fields in the Selected Question section are filled out then the survey will be saved locally on your browser
  • Exit - Exits the survey, does NOT save changes! 


2. Survey Questions

This is your question list.  It is ordered with the first question at the top and the final question at the bottom.  Indented questions are not enabled by default; more on that later.  The following buttons are used in this section:

  • + Question Button - Adds a new question to the list immediately after the selected question
  • + Section Button - Adds a new section to the list immediately after the selected question
  • Duplicate Button - Opens the Duplicate Questions window, where you can select questions to duplicate
  • Drag Action - Drag the selected question up or down the question list to move it
  • Delete Button - Deletes the selected question

Duplicate Questions Window

Select the questions you would like duplicated and click Add.  They will be added to the bottom of your question list with "_copy" appended to the end of the question IDs.


3a. Current Question

This is where you define each question.  The following goes over each field, from top to bottom:

  • ID - An ID field for the system to track the question and for you to be able to quickly identify a question from the questions list in the Survey Builder
  • Text - The actual question text displayed to the user in the mobile app
  • Hint - Display additional information to the user
    • Only intended for short statements
  • Answer Type - Sets what kind of answer is allowed for the question
    • Yes No – a simple yes or no question
    • Choose One – Presents a list of answers that you define, only one can be selected
    • Choose One Quantity - Same as Choose One, but also allows you to define a min and max for the user to enter a quantity for the selected answer.  Also allows pricing to be enabled on the quantity, the price can be fixed or the user can set it.  The survey will calculate the quantity x the price and show the total
    • Choose Multiple – Presents a list of answers that you define, where one to all can be selected
    • Text – Allows for free-form text answers, paragraph style
    • Date/Time - Opens the devices calendar picker to choose a date, date and time, or time
    • Date – Deprecated, no longer in use
    • Integer – Only allows for whole-number answers
    • Number - Only allows for number answers, can include decimal places
    • Currency - Same as Number, but formatted to US currency
    • None - This is used to make a statement instead of a question; there is no answer.  Commonly used for Photo Requirements
    • Phone Number - Allows for formatted phone number entry, in US / CAN format; xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • Required  - Controls if the question has to be answered for the survey to be submitted
    • Checked - Will not let the user submit the survey until the question is answered
    • Not Checked - The user can skip the question and still submit the survey
  • Enabled By Default - Controls if the question is displayed for the user to read / answer
    • Checked - Will be presented to the user after the preceding 'enabled' question
    • Not Checked - Will only be presented to the user if enabled by a previous answer trigger; these questions are indented in the Question Listquestion.png

3b. Current Section

This is where you define each section.  Sections are groups of related questions that can be repeated.  Each time a section is displayed is called an instance.  The following goes over each field, from top to bottom:

  • Name - The section title, is displayed in the survey
  • Enabled by Default - Same as enabled by default for questions
  • Initial Display State - Expanded or Collapsed;  expanded shows the first instance of a section automatically, while collapsed only shows the section title and the user must tap the plus button to add a section instance
  • Display Mode - Once, Max, or Repeating; Once only allows one instance, Max allows a number of instances up to the Max display count, Repeating allows an indefinite number of instances
  • Maximum Display Count - Set the max number of instances for Max display mode
  • Add Prompt - A prompt to have the user give the new section instance a name, after pressing the plus button
  • Auto Numbering - Automatically numbers instances when created, ie Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, etc..
  • Sub Section Title - For use with auto numbering, define the section instance titles, defaults to the Section Name when blank


4. Answer Options

This is where you can define your answers.  The fields here are displayed as needed based on the selected Answer Type, you may not see all fields.  The following goes over each field, from top to bottom:

  • Add Button - Adds an answer option to the bottom of the list
  • Answer Column - Shows the Answer ID, used by the system to identify an answer
  • Display Column - The text that is displayed as the answer in the mobile device
  • Delete Button - Deletes the selected answer
  • Drag Action - Drag the selected item to reorder the list
  • Answer Display Menu - Select the display method, either a dropdown menu or a list
  • Default Answer - Set the answer to a default value, that can be changed if needed by the user
  • Days Before / After - Set the acceptable date range, based on when the survey was started, for date answer types
  • Min / Max - Set the acceptable number range for Integer, Number, and Currency answer types
  • Enable Pricing - Adds price to Choose One Quantity answer selection
  • Enable Price Change - Allows user to change default price, requires enable pricing to be checked

5. Answer Triggers

Answer Triggers control the flow of a Survey and optimize the number of Questions that you ask the user.  You create answer triggers to enable future questions based on the answer of the current question. The format of an answer trigger is "When the answer is X, enable the following questions."

Example:  When the ‘Does the property have a pool’ answer is 'Yes', enable these questions, or sections,  that are only relevant to pools

  • Edit - Create a new answer trigger or change existing triggers in the Answer Trigger Editor
  • Answer Column - The answer ID, or text, that enables questions
  • Enables Column - The question IDs that are enabled from the specified answer
  • Delete Answer Trigger - Deletes the selected answer trigger

Answer Trigger Editor

Follow these steps to create an answer trigger:

  1. Select the Answer you wish to use as a trigger
    • Use the default wildcard answer (*) to trigger on any answer
    • For Yes/ No, Choose One, Choose One Quantity, and Choose Multiple questions select the answer from the drop down.
    • For Text, Integer, Date, Number, and Currency questions delete the wildcard (*) and type the answer in to the box.
  2. Select the questions / sections that you want this answer to enable
    • Select the questions you want each answer to enable.  If you do not select any questions for a particular answer, that answer will not show up in the answer trigger list.  
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 for any additional answer triggers
  4. Click Add
  5. Verify your answer triggers are displayed correctly


6. Photo Requirements

Photo Requirements dictate how many photos are required for each answer. You can specify minimum and maximum numbers of photos for each answer.  Each photo requirement must have a minimum and maximum listed.  Please note that if the question that this photo requirement belongs to is not marked as 'required' then the photo requirement will not be required to submit the survey either.

Example:  If the answer for the ‘Does the property have any external damage’ is 'Yes', then require 10 to 25 photos of the damage

  • Edit Button -  Create a new, or change an existing, photo requirement in the Photo Requirement Editor
  • Answer Column - The answer that enables the photo requirement
    • An asterisk (*) in the answer column will apply the photo requirement on the selected question no matter what the selected answer is
  • Min Column - The minimum number of photos allowed for this answer
  • Max Column - The maximum number of photos allowed for this answer
  • Delete Button - Deletes the selected photo requirement

Photo Requirement Editor

Follow these steps to create a photo requirement:

  1. Select the Answer you want photos required for
    • Use the default wildcard answer (*) to require photos on any answer
    • For Yes/ No, Choose One, Choose One Quantity, and Choose Multiple questions select the answer from the drop down.
    • For Text, Integer, Date, Number, and Currency questions delete the wildcard (*) and type the answer in to the box.
  2. Set the Min and Max photo requirements
    • Both Min and Max are required
  3. Click Add
  4. Verify your photo requirements are displayed correctly



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